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Increase Gunboat RHIB speed

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The gunboats RHIB's and the little zodiaks are faster than in a1, but still, especially on rivers, too slow.

i pledge for a good acceleration and top speed increase within a realistic level.

more maps are coming with nice riversystems. if you create a mission along a river, the RHIB are even at top speed easy targets. if acceleration would be increased evasive manouvers would be more successful and also with a higher top speed rivermissions with RHIB and zodiaks would be more fun to play.
please give them the horsepower they have in RL ;)


Updated by rocko over 7 years ago

You should at least provide some data about the RL counterpart.

Suggesting "Mo speeed" without reference isn't really helpful.

Updated by MikeMiller over 7 years ago

sorry, can do:


High performance RHIB from the Danish NavyRIBs are designed with hydroplaning hulls. Due to their low weight RIBs often out-perform some types of similarly sized and powered boats, although a pure fibreglass speedboat with similar dimensions is typically faster, due to its lighter weight and more arrowlike-shape.

RIBs can also generally cope better with rougher seas, although this may be partially due to an increased level of confidence, in knowing that a RIB is hard to sink, and better absorption of heavy loads by the flexible tubes, which therefore make heavy seas less unpleasant2.

The maximum speed of the RIB depends on its weight, power, load, and sea conditions. A typical 6 metre RIB, with six passengers, 110 horsepower (82 kW) engines, in the sea in Beaufort force 2 is very likely to have a top speed of around 30 knots (56 km/h). High performance RIBs may operate with a speed between 40 and 70 knots (130 km/h), depending on the size and weight.

i guess the navy and usmc versions are high performance...


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45 knots is afair M240 + 3 crew - zero payload

And they are quite noicy ;-)

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The default A2 RHIB already has a top speed of 60 (km/h I suppose) which would be 32 knots.

Assuming 45 like illustrated on the webpage would return 83 km/h.

I will change the RHIB with the M2 to 80 km/h and the RHIB with M2 and MK19 to 75 km/h.

EDIT: kmh not knots

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