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Limiting the maximum and minimum angle of the player torso when using weapons

Added by stargun over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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It would be really nice to limit the maximum and minimum angles at which a soldier's torso can bend when using weapons. The current version is totally unrealistic when a sniper can look at the apex of the sky even in prone position while holding the sniper rifle at the same time. His torso is bent at 90 degrees, which is terrible.
IMHO at prone any posture would be unfeasible if the elbows don't touch the ground or any other object.
The same problem holds for crouching as well.

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Lets call this a feature.

It is possible to config the limits,
yet not per stance nor per weapon.

Updated by CarlGustaffa over 7 years ago

I don't know. I guess in real life you could roll on your back and fire straight up. I agree it can look horrible, but I'm not so sure it should be fixed that way, or at all.

Updated by stargun over 7 years ago

I think that one limit should be the minimum and maximum angle of the rifle's aiming line measured against the torso. I.e. 0° when aiming straight ahead while standing, and max. +80° and -70° would be the upper and lower limits.

The other range should limit the maximum and minimum angle which is measured between the torso and the lower body (hip bend forward / backward). No one can bend 90° to the back from the hip while holding a heavy gun, so the backward movement should be very limited.

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