Bug #76772

Large Config CPP RAP input crashes during config.cpp rebuild

Added by icomrade 12 days ago. Updated 9 days ago.

Status:Resolved Start date:06/16/2017
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Category:MakePbo (Dos Tools)
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(I.e. everything is latest as of 06/16/2017)

I use MakePBO to build DayZ Epoch, which has an excessively large config due to numerous items needed for vehicle keying. After emptying the key config file the project builds fine.
The max .tmp file size generated after a crash is consistently 1,136,757 bytes (1,111 KB)

Project URL: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch
(Fixed some access, and world name errors/warnings locally, not yet pushed)

Logging-With-S-Option.txt (3.1 MB) icomrade, 06/16/2017 15:32

Logging-Without-S-Option.txt (17.8 kB) icomrade, 06/16/2017 15:32

sgus.b6.tmp - Temp file left after build (1.1 MB) icomrade, 06/16/2017 15:32


Updated by mikero 12 days ago

thank you for the detailed error report. it's refreshing to get such good info.

windoze memory management can provide approximately 1 gig of linear (non fragmented) ram memory irrespective of the actual amount of physical ram. My tools are blindingly fast because they use ram, not files to work on data.

I don't have any plans to accommodate projects that exceed that limit. It indicates a poorly thought out project design that will hit a bis barrier after it hits mine.

Updated by icomrade 12 days ago

Prior versions worked fine, it's not an issue with the project as it doesn't even near 1GB of memory usage. Max size used is 67 KB, but tmp file output is 1,111 KB NOT MB

Updated by mikero 11 days ago

OUCH! bad misread on my part. looking....

Updated by mikero 10 days ago

contact me on skype mike.andrew, or discord Mikero or so i can pass you a possibly fixed dll

Updated by mikero 9 days ago

stack overflow fix is waiting for you on discord

Updated by mikero 9 days ago

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