Bug #76766

Unable to pack mission.pbo (Generalized lintcheck error)

Added by Ethan97 5 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Category:LintCheck (Rap) (Dos Tools)
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Basically when I add the disable channel lines using the BI syntax to my description.ext, I am unable to pack and get the error stating that "true and false do not exist".

SYNTAX: disableChannels[] = {{channelID<number>, disableChat<bool>, disableVoice<bool>},{channelID<number>, disableChat<bool>, disableVoice<bool>},...}; // new syntax

*What Ive added:
*disableChannels[] ={ {0, false, false}, {1, true, false}, {2, false, false}, {3, true, true}, {4, true, true}, {5, true, true}, {6, true, true}

*Error from output logs: *
description.ext :scanning
disableChannels[] ={ {0, false, false},
In File \Users\PATHTOMISSIONFILEBLAH\mission.blah\description.ext: Line 2 true and false do not exist
</end entries>



Updated by mikero 5 months ago

read the documentation

start programs->mikero->lots

there is no such thing as true or false in the bis compiler. in the sqx language there is, but not paramfiles. A description.ext is a paramfile.

at the very top of your desc.ext you can do same as bis do

#include "commondefs.h" OR

#define true 1
#define false 0

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