Bug #76684

Lose weapon after revive

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Category:Medic system
Target version:3.24 Estimated time:4.00 hours
Reproducible for you:No


See forum 3.21 - bug post 5B: Balista

5B: AT launcher ammo & secondary weapon ammo missing on incap

See forum 3.21 - bug post 11: Johnnyseven

11. Guns keep being removed as not being allowed for your current kit when you get revived.

See forum 3.21 - bug post re 5B: Einen1

I have notice the same when you respawn on a FO/RP after getting kill. Easy to reproduce with a single use AT (AT4, Rpg-26) and easily noticeable.

See forum 3.21 - bug post 15: Yomper

15. (Dup of 5B) Strange bug. Some players had their primary weapon removed after being revived and were left holding a green flare.
Wasn't happening to everyone, but every time I was revived it removed my weapon.
Someone mentioned removing the flare from your inventory would stop it.

See forum 3.22 - bug post 4: Einen1

4. When getting revive lost my main Weapons, try to drop the flares and the start but still get the problems without having a flares.
Only see it happened on PMC at the moment but to a lot of player.
No, tony said on the global chat, that we loose our weapons due to a bug with the flares. So we all drop the flares, save our loadout then go to the battle again. I got kill and revive again and still lost my weapon (So the flare isn't the issue because i don't have any when getting kill/revive).


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Is it possible that your real body loses the "role" variable, after your dummy body (if this method is still used?) is revived. (But I think this was rewritten to not use the dummy body now?)

Updated by omL 10 months ago

In response to #2, I have seen the scoreboard list "body" rather than the player's name at times.

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