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People left behind on Skalisty Prolev Island Lopotev Mission

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Dogs of War Campaign, I took a command USMC UH60 to Skalisty Island after the USMC joined the campaign in search of Loptev. This was a waypoint I assigned to the the UH60, I did not fly the Blackhawk. Razor landed and left the UH60. After capture of Lopotev, and boarding the EVAC helo that gets sent, both helo's would take off leaving Lopotev and at least one or two Razor on the island.


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Still true in 1.07 or better latest CO?

Updated by Hanzu over 6 years ago

I just played this part with 1.57.77159 patch, but I have arrived to very same island by "swimming" with USMC APC so I did not have those three UH-60 Blackhawk's to transport or back me up (they were shot down or crashed earlier).

After wounding and capturing Loptev I boarded Mi-17 (Civilian) helicopter that got sent for us and all 3 Razor Team members and Lopotev boarded it too quite fast after me (without me giving any orders to do so). As we know both AI helicopter pilot and AI movement behaviour has been tweaked a lot lately around patch 1.57 builds so I assume this bug can not be reproduced anymore.

I suggest set Status to Resolved/Closed/Expired until proven otherwise.

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

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Thanks Hanzu!

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