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Radar Target shows empty vehicles

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isnĀ“t it very unrealistic that you can differentiate between empty and maned vehicles in the radar view (red and white targets)!? i was playing online a coop mission against ai and i sneaked (unseen) towards an empty helicopter to enter it an use the doorgun to shot an flying mi 24. until i entered the helicopter the mi 24 crew couldnt see me but suprisingly after i got in as an pasenger they recognized me as a thread and shot me :( i dont know how to change this system to have a more realistic ai behavior but maybe it would help to get rid of the "unmaned status" (white targets) and displays every enemy vihicle as red targets.


Updated by Alienfreak over 7 years ago

Because its no Radar but an IR Scanner. And empty vehicles look different on IR than ones with running motors :)

It was introduced due to a lack of real thermal imaging in OFP. This is also why tanks have it. As well as Helicopters which feature no radars IRL.

In Arrowhead we will see an implementation of IR and then we can get rid of this "feature" for good.

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not an ACE bug as reported

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