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New Wounding System

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Everyone knows if someone seriously wounded ( dying and lays down and waits revive ) in the game another person came and improves it in 10 or 20 seconds.. But it's not realistic... And other absurdity is after improved players healthy will be %100.. I think improvement times will change from 10/20 seconds to 60 or 70 seconds and after improvment players healthy should be %30-40..If peoples want to healths %100 heal your self or with other players in 40 second or 70 seconds..


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You think the healing goes too fast, do I understand that right?

Please use better formatting and shorter sentences in future tickets to make your issue (or feature) more clear next time.

So what exactly do you want to have improved? The time it takes to heal and the amount of health in percent?

If you want it realistic, you don't want 60 seconds, you want 5-10 minutes for first aid or longer - most of the time they can't be helped - and then the wounded don't fight anymore unless it was a mere flesh wound - they get evacuated to a field hospital and eventually sent home. Guess that's not stuff for a computer game.

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yeah i know most realistic time is 5-10 min. or longer but you are right too this is the game.. But I think little bit realism growing up by my suggestion. I think time change from 10-20 seconds to 60-70 seconds or lesser I think peoples be carefull more than now.. Becouse they will afraid to death for this situation.. Or not actept this, I think after revieving health should not be %100, should be %30 and weapons will not change or will not rearm..

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I think there's nothing you can't do with mods; have a look at ACE2 wounding system - IMO the FA and BC modules are already a good step in this direction within a game.

But I don't see the need to modify this more from the vanilla game perspective (I'd be glad if it worked better in MP generally, but that's another story) - every second player you ask thinks differently about this, that's why there are e.g. mission parameters; also, you can delay respawn times after death within each mission individually to "punish" the player harder for his failure.

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