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Use screen shake from EW in ACE 2

Added by th3flyboy over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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The screen shake method used in EW would be useful for simulating shellshock from explosions near by, or even for tanks rolling by. Furthermore, it would be useful to link that screen shake to the nuke feature in ace 2.


Updated by Minoza over 7 years ago

Voted yes! That would be a great feature.

Updated by CarlGustaffa over 7 years ago

An obvious yes, at least for nearby explosions. Could also become this for backblasts after a certain distance instead of tossed to the ground.

Unsure about the tanks rolling by. Sure they will produce vibrations, but enough to upsetting what you see? If so, then also add the 'dick tip' Evan 'Scribe' Wright gets :D (kidding, for those who know what I mean :))

Updated by Thrill over 7 years ago

Sounds good :)

Updated by fambaa over 7 years ago

The visuals in EW are really nice. Even the ash falling like snow, kinda like the setting with the shakes too, votes yes :)
At least for artillery shells like m119/d30 podnos/m252

Updated by Minoza over 7 years ago

Yeah, I've really noticed that how they made that after-nuke mood in EW. Really great job, added totally different dimension to the game. My first thought was, omg, is this Arma lol? Incredible how few simple tricks can turn out into something great.

Anyways, I wanted to suggest to add that after-nuke ''look'' in ACE too after using nukes. That would be awesome. Shake could be used in vehicles too (in controled amount of course, like just a bit of the effect, not too much)

Updated by CarlGustaffa over 7 years ago

Funny, because when OFDR came out everyone was furious on the colors, which I assume used a similar post processing effects to accomplish the sense of mood :) But in Arma2/EW, it's great :D I don't mind a little color filters to cool down or warmen the colors of an image. The photographer part of me does it all the time. Personally I felt that EW slightly overdid it. But yes, together with the music, it did manage to provide a really eerie feel to each scene. Night scene looked like a traditional blue-for-night scene, trick often used in movies. Not sure I want to see this too much in game though.

Some new examples are provided as modules as well.

Updated by rocko over 7 years ago

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Already using similar code, if not the same.

Updated by Eagleone over 7 years ago

now in ACE2 no vibration (camera-shake) due to tank fire. GL4 have this, ACE2- no.

upd: just saw 16984 redaction, I think in the next version of ACE2 camera shake is arrive)

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