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New Fueling System

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While playing Vicious Villains today, me and a friend captured a Toyota Hilux, with a DSHKM on it, we almost drove it to the camp, before someone told us there was a BMP-2, and no one had AT, so we started to drive back to base to get an AT-4, but in the one town we ran out of gas. We couldn't drive the refuel truck to the truck, because there was only fuel barrels. I think ACE 2 should add a new refueling system that includes a jerry can, and some other possible ideas, the jerry can should be a rucksack slot item, and should be in any vehicle that would have one in real life, like the APCs have AT-4s in the gear. It should only put a little bit of fuel in the vehicle, and it should be refillable at any place you would get fuel. Any other ideas?


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Updated by mr.g-c over 7 years ago

Should be very easy doable, i had coded a thing like this in Sarahni-Life:Reloaded for instance.

Updated by Evil_Echo over 7 years ago

Jerry can, yes. Ruck item, no.

Updated by JDMT over 7 years ago

Evil_Echo wrote:

Jerry can, yes. Ruck item, no.

Where will it be carried? In place of a gun, so players don't carry them everywhere?

Updated by CarlGustaffa over 7 years ago

Wouldn't mind it as a "weapon". The personal weapon can usually be "placed on back" anyway. But the Jerry can should not be able to be "placed on back". How much do they weight, and if military has them, do they have a special requirement making them heavier? And, please don't make them like explodeable red barrels. :)

Another similar emergency vehicle item could be spare tires, making a vehicle drivable again (at least the wheel part).

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Nothing a good mission maker can't resolve.

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