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Reporter able to set "Target Version"

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Form Skype conversation

[23/03/2009 07:23:18] Sickboy: anyone with tabs on redmine.org ; could you please request 'chooseable issue 
fields that different roles may edit/set at create'. For instance, the 'Target Version' is being set by a lot of 
reporters; I dont want reporters to set target versions, because they influence the roadmap with it :D

[23/03/2009 12:12:54] Squelch: @ Sickboy - I think there is a ticket already raised for that. I'll seek it out 
and bump it if possible.

[23/03/2009 12:15:34] Sickboy: thanks mate!

This issue on Redmine.org Post 3 might address the problem. I don't have access to workflow administration with my account, so I cannot check if t is relevant to our problem.


Updated by Squelch over 8 years ago

This other issue on Redmine.org also discusses the problem.


I'll bump that one.

Updated by Squelch over 8 years ago

There is some work going into this according to this forum thread.


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