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Tracers can't be seen from the front

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Target version:1.5 (OA)
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I ran a mission tonight when I was bored, putting a couple of waves (about 60 men) of russians head-on against a USMC TUSK M1 tank. I tried it at both night and day, and in both cases I could not see the incoming tracers from either side if they were shooting towards me. As a Russian with the M1 firing at me, I could look left and right and see them zipping past, and I could also watch friendly MG tracer going out towards the tank. The same was the case when I watched from behind the tank, no incoming Russian tracer, only tracer reaching out to the Russians. I don't believe it is an FPS issue (ie the tracers reaching the target between frames) as I can see outgoing fire at the same range fine.

I was using 188 with beta 33, CBA, ACEX, ACE_SM (all be it the TG versions) and the TG map pack. I was using "little green bag" map to test, at both around 10am and midnight. By the way tracer at night looks amazing.


Updated by Crusader over 7 years ago

To the best of my knowledge, this is exactly the way tracers are supposed to behave.
The idea is to give you (and troops on your side) an indication where you're shooting at, without giving away your position to the enemy.

Updated by KingHomer over 7 years ago

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Yep it's exactly like that.

Updated by fireship4 over 7 years ago

Well I understand that that may be a perceivable effect in real life, but they're not invisible like they are now. Should I bring up the famous quote "Tracers work both ways"?

I would guess that tracer fired towards you being hard to see is more to do with the angle in real life - as it would look more like a dot and less like a line (as it is not moving across your field of vision very much). I would say allow this effect to manifest itself instead of allowing it to be forced unrealisticly (as it seems to me now).

More evidence for this would be the fact that there was a patent for a bullet with an LED at the back instead of phosphorus (etc.) I think to combat (in part) tracer being seen from the front.

Updated by Cleric2145 over 7 years ago

What you are referring to is more the idea that an enemy soldier would not be alone. The target you are aiming at, as well as anybody close to him would not see the tracer, however the rest of his unit would likely see them, giving away your position. This is just how I see it as being, however.

Updated by fireship4 over 7 years ago

What I mean is, they are invisible now, in real life I think they are just harder to see because of the angle, as per my last post.

Updated by fireship4 over 7 years ago

Can we look at this again? Can the devs see when a post has been updated with a note like this after it's been rejected?

Updated by KingHomer over 7 years ago

No, this is closed for a reason.

Updated by fireship4 almost 7 years ago

Can you elaborate please.

Updated by fireship4 almost 7 years ago

I actually watched that video a couple of hours ago, but there is no incoming tracer in it that I can spot.

Updated by Trips almost 7 years ago

From 8-11 seconds there's volley. It's not directly face on but it's definitely in their direction.

Updated by fireship4 almost 7 years ago

oh yeah lol there are loads actually but yes they are going above their heads.

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Updated by fireship4 almost 7 years ago

This ticket can be closed I expect as since a certain beta-patch a little while ago, tracers can be seen from all angles. Looks nice too.

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