Bug #6897

zoom iron sight bug non scoped weapons by switching between binocular and weapon

Added by PostaL over 7 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Status:Expired Start date:12/13/2009
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Affected ArmA II version:1.05.62017 First affected build:
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I am using:OA only BIForumURL:
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When having a non scoped weaponed in iron sight mode(right click mouse) and you switch to binocular(b) and after that switch back from binocs to iron sight by pressing b directly the new iron sight of the non scoped weapon is zoomed in a lot more at the distance then the normal iron sight mode.

You get back to the normal ironsight by going out of it(right click) and in the iron sight mode (another right click). The view returns to normal.
By using this bug I can aim a lot better at the distance with my machine gun, or other non scoped weapon , which is an unfair advantage.

repro steps:
  1. start up mission editor and add a character with binocs
  2. get a machine gun or other non scoped weapon
  3. aim down iron sight(right click)
  4. switch to binoculars by pressing directly the b keys
  5. stop using binocus by pressing directly the binocs key
  6. the engine returns to the bugged extremely zoomed iron sight mode
  7. get back to the right iron sigt mode by going out and in it again (double right click)

6897.Desert_E.7z (603 Bytes) kju, 12/27/2010 20:41


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Good report. Ty

Updated by PostaL over 7 years ago

you're welcome,

small update: also happens when using the lasermarker target binocs

Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

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  • Affected ArmA II version changed from 1.05 BETA to 1.05.62017

This is not gamebreaking issue but simple glitch. Can provide unfair advantage in PvP games.

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

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  • Operating system deleted (Win7 64 bit)
  • Graphics card deleted (radeon 4850 512 mb)
  • Graphics card driver version deleted (9.11)
  • CPU deleted (corei7 920)
  • I am using set to OA only

I cannot reproduce this.

A simple video would help or is my demo mission wrong?

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

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Free free to reopen, if a demo mission and repro steps are provided.

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