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Realistic reload animation

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The ArmA II reload animation for weapons looks very unfinished.
ArmA II is in large part with very much passion and love to detail programed.
The "unfinished" animations don't fit to the fantastic an realistic ambiance of this game.

I think the time is come for a appropriate reload animation (like OFP DR or COD MW)
for a realistic and better ArmA II.

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Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

Well, reload animations aren't getting re-done.

Btw. I've just recently found someone reloading after shot out just like they do it in A2 - you can hardly notice that he pulls back the lever, but he does:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCNBxNhLQkw (he was shot out after the 5 shot burst, so it's not a tactical reload, despite of the description)

The only thing I'd wish for that they would make a difference in reloading for tactical reload vs. combat reload (i.e. not doing the lever motion, which they are currently doing).

Can we settle for my feature request with the bullet-in-chamber accounting after tactical reload and close this one?

Updated by bensdale over 7 years ago

Ok i understand what you mean. is in the chamber still a round and you make a magazine change, so needs only a magazine change animation. is in the chamber no round (the magazine and the chamber is empty-shooting) and the bolt assembly is in the hold position so needs a magazin change and to push on the bolt release lever. the third point is, if you use the weapon the first time or pickup a weapon from a ammunition box, it would be nice to see a loading movement with the charging handle.

all three listed animations are werry important for realistic and ambiance. besids it would be nice to see this animation in a fluid and fine animations procedure. not like the standart arma II "wild hand brandish"

can you give me the link for your feature request (bullet-in-chamber accounting after tactical reload) ?

Thx for your efforts!!!

Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

Yes, I forgot: #6545

Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

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Alright, while we know that it very likely does not get "fixed" in ArmA2, we might still hope for a later version, thus I'll leave this one open too.

Updated by bensdale over 7 years ago

@ Fireball

Many thanks! ;)

is it helpful to set a category in the ticket?

Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

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Um, yes.

Updated by stargun over 7 years ago

Not to mention all of the bolt-action sniper rifles (i.e. M40A3), where during the reload the bolt "magically" moves without any help of the operator's hand... That's weird. The sniper should release the trigger and move the bolt handle for the reload at least.

Updated by Kristian over 7 years ago

This can be very well done.

in VBS1 (Yes, VBS1, I have played it)
anyways, in VBS1, they had two kinds of reload animations. One for Colt family weapons, other for Kalashnikov family weapons.
It looked pretty cool when you reload AK he actually pulls the lock back, same with M4/16. I just wish BIS would see the trouble
of making them up-to-date into ArmA2...

Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

Current games like CoDMW2 and BFBC2 show how it's done.

Updated by mr.g-c over 7 years ago

Fireball wrote:

Current games like CoDMW2 and BFBC2 show how it's done.

You think they have made for every single weapon a own reload-animation?

Or couldn't this be done with some generic animations? Suggestions could be like listed above.

3 General Reload-types for Rifles:
1. Colt Type, 2. AK-Type, 3. Bolt-Action type. > 3 Sub-Types for reload with ammo in chamber, for reload with empty rifle and for fresh reload when taking out of weaponholder/Vehicle. This means 9 Generic animations must only be done

Example Details for Colt-Type AR:
1a: Shot empty, boltcatch locked back. Generic Animation shows Hand moving below weapon and removing, then inserting a magazine, then using left Hand to press boltcatch
2a: Reload with ammo still in chamber. Generic Animation shows a Hand moving below weapon and removing, then inserting a magazine (current Arma2 animation as example)
2c: Picked fresh weapon from crate/vehicle and Press reload-button. Generic Animations shows a Hand moving below weapon and inserting a magazine, then left Hand is pulling the charging Handle back (with a nice sound)

But dear BI Studio, if you'll ever consider this, please don't forget to add this also:
1. Be able for Modders to add different reload animations to different weapon muzzle. Example: (Weapon-config -> Muzzle-Sub-Class -> ReloadAnim="ABCDEFGH";)
2. Be able for Modders to change reload-speed of specified relaod-animation per muzzle. Example: (Weapon-config -> Muzzle-Sub-Class -> ReloadSpeed="10.2";)
3. Count the one Round in the chamber (see most of ZGubas Feature-Request tickets for weapon handling)

Updated by Dwarden over 7 years ago

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Updated by Fireball about 7 years ago

Yes, it's true, they made reload animations for each weapon e.g. in BFBC2, but they didn't do all the AI work BI had to do, plus quite a few animations look plain ridiculous, when looking at them from a certain angle (like running viewed from behind, gives the impression the runner had pooped in his pants).

They didn't do all that well in BFBC2, but the reload animations they did 1A, and that does a lot for immersion!

Updated by zGuba almost 6 years ago

Please check Smookie's animation pack. If I'm not mistaken it greatly improves reload animations of all guns - look at M249 reloading operations for example.

Updated by Dwarden almost 6 years ago

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Updated by mr.g-c about 5 years ago

I'd like to add a post by Maddmatt from 2008 (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?67108-See-when-someone-looks-through-scopes-ironsigts&p=1168658&viewfull=1#post1168658):

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (1 and 2) on PC had good animations. All actions with the weapons are fully animated. Even from 3rd person view you can see the animation of the character >looking down the sights.
Another example: You can see the character's thumb switch the firemode selector on the Glock 18. The switch is even animated.
You can see individual bullets being loaded into the bolt action sniper rifle, the bullets are visible in the characters hand as he loads them.
All weapons in the game have unique and detailed reloading animations. And are held correctly even with the fore-grip attachment and grenade launchers.
Detailed animations like these would be cool

This would really add really a lot of immersion, even though its the little things.
Love for Detail FTW. And i mean, while you're on it BIS.... :-)

Updated by rye about 5 years ago

If anyone has ever played AA3, they have some great combat reload animations for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beChOClPpi0.

Updated by ScarecrowisNOTamused. almost 5 years ago

Judging by the awesome reloading anims seen in the GC demo's over the last few days would this be complete? i mean, proper animated mag changes, anim for the bolt release and such, or are A3 tickets being left until release so the players can decide if they're adequate? (seems pointless as there's always going to be one person complaining.)

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