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Add the ability to use sigh adjustment on Tanks

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Currently there is no way to know where your rounds are going to hit.

Possible fix, gunner changes the elevation etc, and commander has the range table to relay info to gunner?

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duplicated by A.C.E. for OA - Feature #7612: Sight-Adjustment for armored vehicles Duplicate 01/01/2010


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No need to go that advanced. Fix/adjust the vanilla "FCS" to match updated ballistics and I'm happy. Currently when the "FCS" adjusts my elevation, I will overshoot a target at 1700m distance using APFSDS-T and HEAT-MP-T. At that distance I have to lower the aimpoint significantly to score a hit. Only tested the USMC M1A1 HC.

And btw, I'm not a "tanker" man at all.

Updated by fireship4 over 7 years ago

Are there any plans to add in a full FCS for tanks which is modelled on the real world systems? Someone did it for ArmA and it was always something sorely missed from ACE.

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http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/6841 BIS is aware of issue with their FCS, I'll input another feature request concerning this - could help tweaking everything ;)

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Uhm, you linked to this page :)

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