Bug #6809

Not possible to exit a playMove

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Any animation started by playMove is impossible to break.

Repro steps:
player playMove "actspercsnonwnondnon_carfixing"

player playerMove "" Does absolutely nothing
player switchMove "" Breaks the animation for a second, but the the unit goes back to the playMove anim it was told to do earlier

Afaik this problem has existed since OFP, so it'd be nice if it can be fixed in arma2.

Related issues

related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #1684: Certain animations are not interrupted at death Assigned 05/31/2009


Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

Isn't it a general impossibility to interrupt any animation at a point? I think that's the main reason why we got the unfixable #1684.

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Updated by Vic over 7 years ago

player playMoveNow "AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon"
Transition isn't pretty, but it works. Maybe try another anim, such as prone.

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Solution by ruebe:

Well, that behaviour is known for any (or at least most) animations if you switchMove/playMove into them. They will finish playing even if the unit died in the meantime.
You can easily avoid this with something like this:

_unit playMove "someLongAnimation";
waitUntil{(!(animationState _unit) in ["someLongAnimation"]) || !(alive _unit)};
_unit switchMove "";

... or an equivalent FSM linkage. And the moment the _unit dies, he will fall dead.

So we can treat this ticket as resolved, I think. Feedback appreciated.

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