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Gaps between the necks of ACE2 units and their uniforms

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Not sure whether this is true for all units but I have noticed that for some units there are gaps (ie. empty spaces) where the units' uniforms join to the units' necks (see attached pic).

If I'm not the only one getting this problem - I know of a couple of possible fixes as I ran into a similar problem when porting some ArmA1 units for ArmA2.

1. Copy the base of the neck from the original ARMA1 models to the new models - this can cause some weird texture overlap with the new head proxys
2. Remove the new head proxys from the 1st couple of lods and put the original ArmA1 heads back in place. This has worked well for me with these: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7793 - NB using this method you can still assign camo faces and sunglasses etc to the models in ArmA2 so hopefully it would also work with your gasmasks etc.

gap.jpg (17.7 kB) norrin, 12/08/2009 23:31


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