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In ARMA2 we can have a lot of impact sounds per class so it would be nice with some more variation on the HE (Arty, Tanks) explosion sound. I like the one youve added, but some more for variation would be even better.

The second thing i miss is an incoming whistle from the MLRS rocket arty (and possible the other arty's as well). Some sources i checked seem to show that it actually does sound when they are coming. This video isnt showing MLRS but other rockets incoming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5yJsvja6OY&feature=fvw
I think immersion would be better with some sounds when arty is incoming.

The third and last thing is ARMA2's own software effect when sounds are far away. I tested to stand far away from arty impacts and it seems you havent made use of it(?). The impact explosions sounds the same although little occluded even at 1500m away. ARMA2 stock uses a 1000m limit where this effect kicks in and makes sounds "thumpier" and much more occluded. Im not sure however if you do use it, but if not - my suggestion is to check that as it really sounds good over long distance.

Thank you.

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