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adding Mando Missile system

Added by Eagleone over 7 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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I was very surprised not to find such a useful function in the ACE2


Updated by Biba92 over 7 years ago

I also hope this will be added

Updated by Crusader over 7 years ago

Me too, it would blend in splendidly with the other ACE features IMO

Updated by Tantal over 7 years ago

Mando missile works with ACE2 in single player.

Updated by Eagleone over 7 years ago

2 Tantal
we dont need ACE2 for SP, we need it for MP, and we only need one mod on the server, rather than several, so if you playing only in SP - gl

Updated by Crusader over 7 years ago

I need to do some testing, but as ACE as well as MMA contain a TOW system, for instance, full integration without hiccups in MP needs to be assured IMHO.

Updated by rocko over 7 years ago

  • Target version set to 395

Updated by metsapeikko over 7 years ago

I think it would be rather nice to have Mando missile system (including flares/chaffs/countermeasures) in ACE2. Would give a fighting chance for the flyboys/flygirls too.

Updated by zGuba over 7 years ago

Our SACLOS script is more effective and reliable than Mando one. Guided missiles though could need caring of.

Updated by Biba92 over 7 years ago

I like the Fact that Missiles need to be locked on target with Mando Missile, Air Fights become more intense that way. If your Script can do this to, then I´ll give it a try

Updated by zGuba over 7 years ago

Biba92 wrote:

I like the Fact that Missiles need to be locked on target with Mando Missile, Air Fights become more intense that way. If your Script can do this to, then I´ll give it a try

Guided missiles. I did not tried messing around with them, so MM could help us there - but TOWs and other SACLOSes are already implemented.

Updated by Crusader over 7 years ago

Fair enough, but plz have a closer look at mandos guided missiles/bombs/guns and HUD's/MFD's/RWR as these are superb IMHO and quite customizable too, so there is significant added benefit to be gained there I think.

Updated by zGuba over 7 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Feedback
  • Assignee set to ViperMaul

I am considering this, let's see what others think ;)

Updated by Crusader over 7 years ago

Thank you, I am very excited about the possibilities that ACE2 and MMA bring to ARMA2 gameplay!

Updated by jasonnoguchi over 7 years ago

Tantal wrote:

Mando missile works with ACE2 in single player.

Yes, but some keys are overlapped and overridden so its pretty awkward. :( Obviously a compatibility problem. Also, both mando and ACE2 have flares, so which shall we use, see?

Updated by LJFHutch over 7 years ago

Definitely, Mando Missile is great, and anything that adds technology to ArmA2 is a good thing, getting us further away from World War 2 and closer to modern warfare. I'd love to see this implemented.

Updated by Spectator6 over 7 years ago

I haven't actually used MM yet, but judging from the various videos and demonstrations posted online, it seems to be a very powerful lil' addon. ACE 2 has done a superb job with what its been able to implement, maybe MM can be used to supplement what some would say is missing? I'm sure every mod maker would love to have his work showcased in such a widely anticipated and adopted mod as ACE 2 =)

Updated by Alienfreak over 7 years ago

I think MM is ESSENTIAL for ACE2.

Everything else is made more realistic but guided weapons still are harbingers of death. You can still hover at 1.5km heigth with your KA52 and destroy everything you can't even see :/
Also having a Gunner in your vehicle is really useless. With MM it makes sense to have 2 players in a chopper...

MM is really a MUST. I had hoped for it to be implemented already but today I realized it wasn't. It was honestly a downturner...

So all 2 thumbs up for a really fast implementation.

Updated by Scrub over 7 years ago

With all the new ground being developed, and systems being fleshed out in this addon, I agree. ACE Team, please include this as standard in your already awesome mod, it is starting to feel naked without it.

Updated by Alex72 over 7 years ago


would be super. Mandobles great work fits right in.

Updated by Eagleone over 7 years ago

latest version of the mod has a very good and interesting target lock system with portable anti-aircraft missile systems and portable anti-tank systems.
This mod is simply obliged to be by default in ACE2 mod

Updated by luckyhendrix over 7 years ago

Everything that relates to areal warfare is very well done with MMA ,*but* the manpads and ground guided missile are not realistic at all , and the flare systems advantages too much the pilots

Updated by mr.g-c over 7 years ago

I'm against it, or at least in large parts.
1st his Systems are not very realistic, some things are clearly overloaded and way over the top.

2nd, ACE2 will have its own Cobra/Apache FCS like it had in ACE1 (=Perfect Modes for Hellfire, Range-Finder/Laser-Marker/etc), It has already its own SACLOS control mechnism for Tow/Metis/other tank fired SACLOS, which is realistic and almost perfect, ACE will have a ultra realistic Javelin and Stinger/(possibly Igla/Strela too) developed by Vigilante, it will get (most likely) the CASP FCS for Tanks, etc. etc....

Where is then a need still for Mando-Missles? For countermeasures maybe, but i would prefer RKSL Chaff/Flare system over Mandos any day, not only because of the optical beautiy.

Updated by Eagleone over 7 years ago

just tested, I did not see "ultra realistic Javelin and Stinger", guidance system works like a vanilla Arma 2 - Tab+fire (HUD too), Metis works as a mando mod, but in mando mod look at HUD Javelin and Metis - it's just great.
about missile guidance systems for helicopters, I just think that in mando mod is done better and more interesting
about Chaff / Flare system - in mando mod is done well at a very high level, air battles were interesting
look at this:

Updated by luckyhendrix over 7 years ago

Mr.g-c said it will have stral and javelin develloped by vigilante : VIG_Javelin : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRatFycVmXE&feature=player_embedded#

Altough I agree with you that Mando flares and chaff are well done, they ain't very realistic in their effectiveness and usage. That's why I would be very pleased if ACE2 dev would decided not to implement mando missiles.

Updated by tcp over 7 years ago

Well, supposedly, the countermeasures can be defeated with multiple missiles or if you fire the missile at a trajectory to match the vector of the aircraft.

Also the VIG Javelin looks very nice. Does the current ACE Javelin seem broken to anyone else? From close and far distances, my Javelin always explodes above the target.

Updated by Crusader over 7 years ago

I hope I don't insult anybody, when I say that I think some people do not fully grasp what mando missiles truly is.
What you see when you install mando missiles are just a sort of demo missions and "demo-hud's". This is only one example way these scripts can be used, because thats just it, a script suite that is highly configurable and can be fine tuned to about any flight profile, countermeasure effectivity, whatever, you need.
So basically if you use mando missiles it doesn't have to look the way you see it now, it can look anyway the user deems realistic / fitting. Don't like the CM effectivity? Just change a number for all (or just a few) missiles, done!

So my point is, why do all the missile stuff once more if you have a highly configurable and powerful system to do it in any way you like?
My point is not: it has to look exactly like the mando missile addon does right now.

Updated by CarlGustaffa over 7 years ago

Retested Mando Missiles after having some initial MP problems a while back, but didn't get to try it in MP yet.
The new Javelin, Stinger, Igla, Strela, Metis "crosshairs" (aiming systems) are just brilliant. I don't know or care if they are authentic. But they feel a lot more authentic than the instant tab targetting of BIS. Takes some time and manual labor to achieve a lock, with audible clues (manpads) when this is achieved. Simply beautiful, and no need for magic crosshairs on these.

My only problem with manpads are their complete non-usefulness in many cases, so their effectiveness would have to be increased. For the sake of game balance; aerial units should not be able to rule the battlefield, and when damaged aerial units can go fix themselves within seconds. Obtaining more ammo for manpads are typically hard to get by. With MM defaults, nobody will want to be a manpad operator when he knows that 90% of his shots will not hit the target :)

Countermeasure release should be manual for the flyboys, and for AI pilots some randomness on how quickly they are able to react to incoming missiles (depending on skill?). For those other missile scripts, I don't think they should be utilized until their proper vehicles have been modeled.

Updated by Eagleone over 7 years ago

if ACE-Team has plans to introduce its guidance systems for a variety of guided missiles, it's good, but so far in the ACE2 is not normal guidance systems (except the TOW systems, but without good HUD, for now there HUD from the original ArmA2), Nevertheless, I propose to integrate Mando Missile system, as long as there is no completely ready systems from ACE-Team.
without these systems for missiles (including countermeasure systems) mod does not look very good, especially for those people who love to fly in arma2. IMHO

Updated by Alienfreak over 7 years ago

The ACE Missile system for TOWs and METIS is highly unrealistic as well it doesn't work too well with the engine. Reward Scripts don't work for kills made with them...

Hellfires in ACE are somewhat bugged I guess... they don't work properly

Javelins sometimes just don't hit at all or explode above the target. Not to mention that it ALWAYS tries a top down attack and has no aiming mechanics whatsoever...

AA Missiles still use the good old TAB...

JDAM Bombs are LJDAMs with ONLY Laser lock in ACE, as well the HUD which should give you an indicator where they will hit the ground doesn't work at all.

FFAR HUDs don't really work, too.

AA Missiles are still weird. 4 R73 Missiles can't kill a helicopter and when he shoots back a single missile it fully kills the Jet?

CAVS is seriously fucked up with a series of missiles. Try finishing off a Tank with PG29s or HEAA SMAWs. The modern MBTs take like 4 rounds IN THE BACK. Not to mention mines ^^ (Mando is not for unguided missiles I know... this is just to point out the overall status of rockets/missiles)

Kh29 are L only now... leaving no plane for east with guided weaponry against ground...

So either the ACE Team will make big leaps with their missiles in the near future or they should just get Mando on board.

Updated by Eagleone about 7 years ago

someone from devs will summarize this discussion?


Updated by q1184 about 7 years ago

Gents, no need to bump the topic or repeat your arguments over and over. Once the decision is taken, you'll know about it. This is the summary :)

Updated by Alienfreak about 7 years ago

The last response was: lets see what others think.

Thats why everyone was writing his opinion...

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

Alienfreak wrote:

The last response was: lets see what others think.

Thats why everyone was writing his opinion...

zGuba is a dev, assigned the ticket to Vipermaul, and his change note mentions "Lets see what others think"
Others in this case being vipermaul / other devs :)

Updated by Crusader about 7 years ago

Or this:

(the reloading sounds have been changed by now afaik) ;)

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

  • Assignee deleted (ViperMaul)
  • Priority changed from Normal to Low

Updated by KingHomer about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Rejected

Updated by rocko about 7 years ago

  • Target version deleted (395)

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