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Incremental Crouch

Added by Salah over 7 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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I was wondering if it is possible to add incremental crouch without rewriting the entire game engine.

With incremental crouch, I mean the ability to lower your point of view (in increments or smoothly) by a combination of stooping and bending your legs. Upon reaching a certain threshold, the character switches to a real crouch (with a knee on the ground) and if you adjust further down eventually the prone position.

This would make it much easier to take advantage of various types of hard cover that currently are only usable by workarounds. Take as an example the barn buildings that have stairs and a round window on each side. These windows are only usable if you move your character to the stairs and find the right position, since they are too low for crouch and too high for prone.

As interface I would propose:
Y (or Z on US keyboards): lower POV
Y-double tap: go prone
X: crouch
C: raise POV
C-double tap: stand up

There should be some overlap in the thresholds for Prone/Crouch/Stand. If you assign Stand a numerical value of "1", Crouch "0.5" and Prone "0", one could reduce ones stance up to 0.6 (or some other reasonable value) when the character switches from a ducked standing position to a the standard kneeling position (0.5) now he can increase his point of view until 0.7 before switching back to full standing position.

I hope I made myself clear with this overlap.

Anyway, dunno if that is even possible without the current engine. Would be nice to have, though, especially with TrackIR or Freetrack and the incremental lean.

lownormalcrouch.jpg (99.3 kB) MadDogX, 01/26/2011 20:21

LowCrouchFeature.avi (7.9 MB) MadDogX, 01/26/2011 20:21


Updated by Salah over 7 years ago


Maybe don't have the stance switch when you reach a threshold, just allow POV adjustments within a stance specific range:
Standing: 1.0-0.6
Kneeling: 0.3-0.7
Prone: 0.0-0.2

Or some other sensible values. When kneeling or prone and starting to move, your POV auto-switches to 0.5 and 0.0, respectively. When walking and standing, you keep your POV whereas when you run, you auto-switch to 1.0.

Updated by kju over 7 years ago

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Updated by Salah over 7 years ago

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Ouch, I didn't consider that this requires a whole new bunch of animations. I guess these are the most expensive things to add into a game cause they need to be created first. It's not about simply changing some code in the engine (which is difficult enough on its own I guess).

Updated by kju over 7 years ago

Only BI can tell how they can implement it.
The cat is only for the community users.

Updated by MadDogX over 6 years ago

Not sure whether to create a new feature request, so I'll just update this one to be on the safe side.

Similar to what Salah suggested, I would like to request - if not an incremental crouch - then at least the ability to switch between the standard crouch and a new lower crouch stance with a toggle key. Currently this is already sort of possible by aiming very far down while crouched. If you use head tracking you can even look up while your body is lowered, so it does kind of provide incremental crouching. (See attached image and video.)

Unfortunately, this method is very cumbersome, and not doable for people without head tracking equipment.

So to make this workable, I would like to suggest implementing a method that allows players to quickly toggle their crouch stance between low and normal. The low crouch position would be similar to what happens now when you aim far down, except that you are still facing ahead instead of down at the floor. Your rifle would be lowered, so shooting isn't possible. Additionally, while in the lowered position, looking through iron sights would make the player temporarily "pop up" into the normal crouch stance and look through the sights. This way he can come up to fire a few shots. Then he goes out of iron sight mode, the stance would be lowered again.

I feel this could make for some interesting, more prolonged and somewhat more realistic firefights in Arma2. Especially if the AI also learns to use the different crouch stances effectively.

Is this possible?

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