Bug #6426

AI unit reporting "under fire" infinite loop

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Category:AI Issues
Target version:1.05.62017
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AI member of the player's group reports "Under fire" in an infinite loop (ie, they never stop repeating it).

Bug started while AI in a tank (T72) was under fire from a heavy machine gun (BRDM2). BRDM2 was destroyed, and we withdrew. AI continues to reporting this, even when ejected from vehicle and away from combat.

Noticed in Beta build 60718.

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Updated by ceeeb over 7 years ago

In trying to reproduce this bug, I've noticed it is not actually an infinite loop. The unit is reporting once for every time the vehicle was hit. In a simple test mission, this can mean "under fire" is repeated for several minutes after contact is broken after approximately 30 seconds of being hit.

Expected behaviour would be a maximum queue of "under fire" reports, and that the AI would not report being under fire when that event happened more than several seconds in the past.

Updated by Suma over 7 years ago

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Fixed in 60818

AI groups never went to "combat" when player was a tank commander, resulting in multiple "under fire" messages.

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  • Due date deleted (12/23/2009)
  • Target version set to 1.05 BETA

Thanks Suma!

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  • Target version changed from 1.05 BETA to 1.05.62017

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