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Update notepad body separate from title

Added by Spooner over 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Need a way of updating the text on a page without affecting the title.

1 [_key, _body] call SPON_Map_setPageBody


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Hm I tried:

["4", "yoyo"] call SPON_Map_setPageBody

Didn't see any change. What did I do wrong?

Edit: looking at the code I understand now.

Key is the string ID not a numeric ID. My fault.

So you may want to check if the given key actually exists and
tell the user if the key input was non existent.

Updated by Spooner about 8 years ago

There isn't a page called "4" in the demo. I think that 4) is "credits" (though there is no reason why it couldn't use the id "4" if the mission-maker wanted it that way). There is no reason to allow you to index pages by number, rather than the user-provided ID, since the ordering is arbitrary and is dependent on multiple users all adding their own pages.

Updated by kju about 8 years ago

Yep like I stated I was mistaken of the original idea.
This is not what the reassign is about.

Instead it states that there is no error if you try to modify a non existent page.

Updated by Spooner about 8 years ago

Oops, yes. I thought you meant there were no changes when you tried to modify the body, not that there was no error message.

Hmm, I always dislike it when BIS follows the path of "don't give an error if you can avoid it" because it doesn't frighten noobs, while simultaneously crippling advanced scripters.

I know I probably need to add error messages for quite a few of my functions (in Map and elsewhere).

Updated by Spooner about 8 years ago

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