Bug #6264

ExtractPBO fails with "DePbo bad, or no, sha key" on certain addon

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When I try to extract the "smurfc_era.pbo" addon from the Russian Armour Pack with BTRs v6.0 (RussianArmourPackArmA2Ver6.0.7z),
the extraction fails with an error:

X:\>ExtractPbo.exe smurfc_era.pbo
ExtractPbo Version 1.67, Dll Version 2.66

DePbo bad, or no, sha key

The addon can be extracted using Kegety's cpbo tool , so I wonder if this is a problem with ExtractPBO and/or dePBO.dll.


Updated by killswitch over 7 years ago

I forgot to mention: it's quite possible that the PBO file is malformed (judging from the error message), so ExtractPBO may be reporting the error correctly and in that regard, there's no fault with ExtractPBO or the DLL file. The question then becomes: "how should the toolset handle broken/damaged/malformed PBO files".

Updated by mikero over 7 years ago

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you are quite correct. Earlier versions of the dll 'accepted' malformed files. later versions prevented extraction, mostly to warn the user that the pbo in question would fail on mp play where signed keys are employed (the purpose of having the shakey at all).

i consider this a mistake on my part and will revise the dll to extract and WARN the user if the sha is missing.

equally, if the sha is wrong, it means the pbo has been corrupted, perhaps maliciously, or alternatively and attempt to cheat, in-game. All I can do, is warn the user appropriately.

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dll 2.69 now on site. i warns about a missing shakey but rejects a bad shakey (which is different to what i said above)

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