Bug #6035

No weapons in multi player

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Sorry to come back on this issue. I have done the latest update of CAA1 / OAC. But when I host a mp mission (standard bi) for instance Coop Oil War 1-7, most of the player except snipers, have no rifle

I recognized this problem in all available OAC mp missions.

1-7_c_oilwar.eden.pbo (59.6 kB) luemmel, 11/21/2009 20:33

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Added by kju over 7 years ago

~ Fixed: scope value for OFP/a1 weapon classes. Every used infantry weapon has to be scope 2, otherwise it disappears in MP. Fixes #6035.


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Pretty sure its not related to MP, rather a config problem or scripting.
Please attach the mission for me to test.

Updated by luemmel over 7 years ago

Here the file, for instance Oil War

Updated by kju over 7 years ago

Sorry really clueless here.

Tested with and without oac_c_preload_core.pbo. Both client and server side.
Saved the mission again in the editor / added oac_core the mission.sqm.

Happens in both local and DS MP env. Not in the editor / SP.

Happens for AK47 mods, not for PK nor HuntingRifle.
The later are NO new classes in a2.

Only OAC, CAA1 and OFPIP loaded here. No dice. :(

So in summary it seems to be about:
  • new weapon classes
  • MP only
  • player to trigger it (if your unit does not have a new weapon class, AI wont loose the new weapons)

From the rpt. This might be related, yet no idea what's going on.

1 Client: Object (id 2:117, type UpdatePositionMan) is local - update is ignored. 2 Remote player of R 1-1-A:2 (kju^getSkillD.de) set to 690671088 (owner change reaction) 3 String id -2147483602 is not registered

How to move on - no idea. :|

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HUGE thanks to Killswitch to narrow down the issue!

Thanks for the report lummel. New oac core available via YAS.

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