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Sound Engine - Distortion

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Beta 59928

Since some betas back i have distortion at times. Doesnt always happen, and when it starts it's usually because im in front of the sound source. So i have a gunner behind me shooting past me. Usually its a "beep/screetch" sound that is very short, and sounds on every shot. And sometimes it can be long beep sound that slowly fades out. So far my sound was shut off completelly due to this. A "FLUSH" regained the sound.

I dont know if its the mix of an old sound card (Audigy 2 - latest drivers) plus Windows7 RC. I think there was some beta after BIS managed to remove the really hard distortion before where it was all good. And then this came some 2-3 betas back. Im not completelly sure however. Sorry.

Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBeGyft2Dck

DxDiag.txt - DXdiag (45.8 kB) Alex72, 11/06/2009 13:07

ArmA2Profile.txt - ARMA2 profile (9 kB) Alex72, 11/06/2009 13:07

ArmA2.txt - ARMA2.cfg (389 Bytes) Alex72, 11/06/2009 13:07


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Please attach dxdiag.txt.
arma2.cfg and arma2profile might be useful too.


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Thanks Kju for that info. Here they are.

I noticed i had set the HW in the profile to "1", but i think it was the same even before i did that. Will test though and report if that can have anything to do with it. Also noted the driver for the soundcard is not "signed", but it was the same with the earlier ones that was signed (WHQL). Maybe someone find if there is a problem with my system or settings through this info.

Thanks guys.

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Sorry. Couldnt edit the last posts files.

Uploaded all in .TXT format here for easy click and read.

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Updated by natas over 7 years ago

I have a similar problem.
My problem occurs, when i use 2 different soundcards for the windows "Sound" and "communication" default settings.
i tried winxp and win7 an combinations of 4 Soundcards (Realtek onboard, Creative Audigy 2, Creative XFI Titanium, Cmedia low budget card).
I play with 2 soundcards since i play online games and never had or have this problem with any other game, including Arma 1.
I do use 2 sound cards because i want to have game sounds on 5.1 speaker system and Teamspeak on the headset to separate voices.

There is a workaround: Map the Windows settings for sound and Standard communication defaults to only one soundcard - and that problem is gone.

Disadvantage is, that if you use skype, Teamspeak, windows voice recognition etc, you alwas have to switch the settings in the software or in the windows setting.

Updated by Alex72 over 7 years ago

Thanks for the reply, but i found a later update wich is specifically for Win7 and Audigy2 so im in the testing fase atm. Will report soon if this issue is gone.

EDIT: Those latest drivers made it better, but i can still sometimes hear a small distortion. Very seldom now however. And this happens when im not on TS or any other comms. ARMA2 worked without these types of distortions before. They came in the latest betas for me.

Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

Seems to be a "Creative" problem then; I've got SoundMAX (on-board) chipset and never heard something like that.

EDIT: Different idea: does it go away, if you just start the normal game, not using the beta patch link?

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Needs feedback (still) for patch 1.05 final - else I'll expire this.

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Feedback timeout.

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