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Apply gravity to per weaponholder spawned objects

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In short: weapons spawned with the aid of a weaponholder and setposed don't respond to any physical influence (like falling down, etc.).

If you place an object on top of a table (createVehicle -> setPos), and then, let's say, drive with a tank into it, the table and the objects on it will fall (or fly away, but it isn't too bad). That's fine.

However, if you put a weapon on a table (createVehicle weaponholder -> add weapon -> setPos) and do the same, the weapon will still float where it was originally setPos'ed to. And since the table isn't there anymore, we have a flying weapon.

Btw. it happens that regular objects are floating in the air too, where previously a table was (probably if only the table was touched, but not the object itself, so only the table gets bumped, while the object on the table doesn't know, that the table has been bumped or something...) BUT if it happens, you can bump the object directly (shoot at it, or drive into it) and it falls down. You can't do this with weaponholders. They are absolutely fixed.

I guess one could attach the weaponholder to the table, and so the weaponholder would move along a bumped table. But that's not exactly what we want, since objects on a table should behave independently.


Updated by kju over 7 years ago

Sorry not fully clear to me.

Especially the header 'weaponholder physics' is too short.
I guess it is more like "Add weaponholder physics" or "Modify" and
what type/in what way would be good to specify.

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Updated by ruebe over 7 years ago

header [...] too short [...] I guess it is more like "Add weaponholder physics" or "Modify"
Modify or add physics. I guess that's a question for the nitpickers. Does an object has any physics if Newton does not apply to it (no gravity/fixed position), but - on the other hand - if you shoot at it, the bullet will hit it, so there is something physical about it?

Anyway I'd suggest: `apply gravity to per weaponholder spawned objects`, however I'm unable to modify the header by myself.

what type/in what way would be good to specify.
Well, there are already separate models for all the weapons. Thus they have some volume and so you could approximate some weight, etc.. I don't think it's important that these calculations are all accurate, given the quite simple physics-`engine`. All anybody would expect is, that such objects fall down like a rock does, be it a rifle, some ammunition-bag or a big and heavy(-ier) launcher.

Btw. why doesn't a bumped table apply it's received force/vector to any objects on it? (as I get it, those items will be bumped only if bumped directly) Is it because such items are setposed there and thus aren't really lying on the table at all? So wheter the table nor the item on it knows about their relationship, thus no reaction? If so, would a new setpos-command make sense, that would position the given object to the next surface below it, that has any physicality?..

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Updated by ruebe over 7 years ago

ok, so since this is a feature now (as opposed to a bug), how about regular weapon objects that could be placed in the editor just like ammocrates too. Unless I'm not missing something about weaponholders, I don't see the need for them. (so is an ammobox an implicit weaponholder too?)

We can place ammocrates in the editor, we should be able to place weapons too.. (I'm totally ignorant about the inner workings, so I don't know exactly what'd be needed for this. I guess a new class inheriting from weaponholders, implementing a >real object< config or something?..) I can imagine this would solve the original problem here aswell, no?

EDIT: some further testing shows, that ammoboxes indeed seem to be weaponholders, because they behave exactly like spawned weapons in weaponholders: they are fixed, but physical. The funny thing is, if you drive with a tank into tables and chairs and so on (at moderate speed), those objects fly(!) away in notime. On the other hand, an ammobox (thus a weaponholder) floting in the air at table-height, will force a tank at any tempo to a halt, since the ammobox can't be driven over anymore or bumped ...

Now, somehow both behaviours are terrible. In the first case, the objects shouldn't fly away (over quite a distance!). If an object has too little weight, it should be crushed by a tank. (delete it, do some particle stuff, and spawn a destroyed/clutter-object if any at all. That IMHO would be better for lots of objects (like tables, chairs, etc.).. For bigger/heavier object something like the weaponholders-behaviour would be better: a tank should drive over it and maybe destroy it. But the actual weaponholder-behaviour is also terrible as it isn't possible to move/bump those objects anywhere as explained.

Therefore a middle-ground should be found...(or physical properties for lots of objects need to be fixed) somewhere between both behaviours, though gravity should apply to both.

For sure, this is not a core-aspect of the game or gameplay, but sill (omni-)present enough.

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