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Guided Missile Tracking and Guidance Replacement

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Guided missile flight (SACLOS and lock guided) is pretty messed up in Arma, as it often oscillates up and down while it is supposed to fly straight, causing it to miss targets.

As well, when commanding a teamswitch-bugged AI, it is only possible to use the engine fire command to launch a missile, but since the current locked target cannot be inferred, the missile flies as if it had no target. It is necessary then to both override the default arma guidance, as well as create guidance when this fire command is given.

By setpossing the missile away from the firer for a fraction of a second, and back again, it is possible to break the default guidance, after which it can be taken over by scripts. Possibly, a modified mando guidance script could be used to take the original missile instead of a scripted replacement. Mando could be modified to not need network traffic or a missile replacement, and just clientside only guidance to follow either the player weapon direction or a locked target.

For ai-gunner commanded launches, the script also needs to calculate the most likely target for the weapon and then use the incoming missile script as long as the gunner is still alive and in the seat (to simulate saclos from the AI). In all cases, the gunner slews their turret towards the target, and though the direction/angle is not exact, it should be possible to infer the correct target (based on side, distance, angle to target) within 1-5 degrees.

Three areas where missile guidance should be replaced:

1) Incoming missile event, to a vehicle, on the client that fired the missile (ah1z-hellfire, ka50-vikhr, stryker AA, brdm AA, ai-brdm atgm, ai-humvee tow, ai-stryker atgm, ai-bmp2, javelin, ai-tow launcher, ai-at launcher, aa launcher, stinger launcher, stinger, SA-9, a10-maverick, su34-ch29,(ai-t72?))
2) Player-gunner guided SACLOS control on: BMP2, BRDMATGM, Stryker ATGM, Humvee TOW, AT launcher, tow launcher. (t72-at5?)
3) Player commanded ai-gunner missile firing on: AH1Z, humvee TOW, BMP2, Stryker ATGM, brdm-atgm. (t72?)

(Possibly, the T72 could fire AT-5 missile weapons to simulate t64/t80 missile launches.)

This is related to teamswitch improvements and the armored combat system.


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Missiles now work properly for all missiles fired from AI vehicles (incoming to vehicles), for all missiles fired by ai-'players' from player commanded vehicles (due to teamswitch bug), and for all missiles fired manually by players.

Currently only working for humvee-tows. Must add cases for all combinations of vehicles/missiles using correct turret offsets.

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Incoming missile code still has a few vector problems (missiles not impacting correctly), but works for all specified cases (AI-commanded vehicles, player gunner vehicles, player commanded vehicles with teamswitch-bugged gunners).

The incoming missile eventhandler is not firing properly for server units existing in the mission, will force server units to execute a setvehicleinit which runs an init script on each client (to add eventhandlers special features, etc)

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