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Map Designs

Added by TheCaptain almost 8 years ago.

Status:Assigned Start date:09/22/2009
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Target version:0.4 Estimated time:40.00 hours
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Map designs for full release. Some of these may may it into the v0.4 release.

(20 maps total)
4v4 - #4
8v8 - #4
12v12 - #4
16v16 - #4
Coop - #4

Corazol I - 4v4
SLA Mechanized forces strike poorly organized RACS and US defenders of Corazol

Ortego - 12v12
Reinforced SLA armored forves assault unprepared US and RACS forces at Ortego

Dolores - 8v8
SLA Airborne forces try to take control of Dolores bridges as the Armored forces advance to link up.

Cayo - 16v16
US forces attempt to defend the southern towns and oil fields from a relentless SLA offensive

Somato - 4v4
US and SLA forces clash at Somato, the gateway to the capital city of Paraiso

Airfield - 12v12
SLA forces launch a desperate airborne and mechanized assault of the RACS held airfield

Paraiso - 8v8
The remaining US forces stage a last-ditch defense of the capital; they have nowhere else to retreat.

Corazol II - 8v8
US forces, strengthened by the arrival of a Marine Expeditionary Unit, assault the border city of Corazol.

Modesta - 4v4
US Forces continue their assault into the southernmost portion of North Sarahni

Hunapu - 4v4
USMC Light and Spec Ops forces attempt to dislodge the SLA from their base on western Sarahni to secure the flanks of the invasion force.

Victoria - 12v12
The USMC Launch their amphibious assault into northern sarahni, with heavy resistance from the northernmost SLA base.

Eponia - 12v12
US Forces stage an amphibious landing in the western portion of North Sarahni, but SLA forces launch a strong counterattack.

Obregan - 16v16
US Forces push into the heart of North Sarahni. The SLA throw everything they have at the attackers.

Pita - 8v8
Desperate US forces launch an airborne invasion of NOrth Sarahni's military airport, aiming to next assault the capital from the northeast.

Bagango - 16v16
US forces strike the last stronghold of the SLA, the capital city of Bagango, where remaining SLA forces make preparations for a fight to the bitter end.

Corazol III - 16v16
US Forces, having suffered heavy losses in their assault of North Sarahni, set up a hasty defense on the SLA half of corazol. SLA forces launch a powerful counterattack.

Coop 1 - 4 player
USA Attack

Coop 2 - 4 Player
SLA Attack

Coop 3 - 8 Player
USA Attack

Coop 4 - 8 Player
SLA Attack

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