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should default engineer AT loadout have one rocket or two?

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Ed at AGW thinks two rockets should be the standard.


Updated by BCA_Cat_Toaster almost 8 years ago

I agree with that, already did it that way in the BCA_Ruleset.

Updated by Blisstick almost 8 years ago

Important consideration from AGW discussion on this:

What if an Engineer has a SMAW rather than a M136 with 1 rocket... he'll kill with 1 shot, but they're dumbfire and he can miss, but he'll have to return to a crate and reload if he does. I suppose even allowing him to carry 2 rockets wouldn't be too lethal if we limit the number of Engineer classes allowed for tournament play.

Updated by kju almost 8 years ago

3 AT SMAW and limit AT classes.

Updated by wormeaten almost 8 years ago

136 needs to penetrate at armour at 90 degrees angle any other angle reducing damage.
Any armoured vehicle has strongest armour at the front then on a side and weakest spot is in the rear.
Right now when we steel don’t have limited weapons I think this is good issue because how someone complain about destroying of armour in the same way those who driving tanks can complain about to easy tank kill.

In this game individual score is not important and with fully populated server in army of more than 20 players how many AT soldiers you can have on the ground. 3 well coordinated AT can destroy or disabled Tank in less than minute. Considering by AGW rules Tank spawn delay is 240sec and if it is disabled and abandoned this is additional 180sec what means this Tank will be operative again in 7 minutes what brings question who is in favour here?

I think if we take every aspects of this issue right now this is good solution before limited weapons arrive and armour should be armour not clay pigeons. This is more balance issue than weapons and it could be fixed by spawn delay of armour and this delay should go on APC and any other vehicle which caring a weapon only transport vehicles should be stay like now and on the larger scale maps we should increase number of the same.

Updated by CoolBox-SBS- almost 8 years ago

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I would like us to get to where wormeaten wants it, even for public play. Where peeps have to team up to destroy a tank, for example.

But I'm starting to think we should adapt more slowly to that, and it will be too much of a shock for current "free for all" public play to go straight down to a single rocket. So we'll prob move to two rockets. The "tournament" gameplay ruleset I will start defining soon, and that will prob have just one rocket.

Bliss: note that statement applies to public branch. you make the final call about rocket numbers for AGW. Currently it seems that all of us have diff preferences:
worm: 1 rocket
kju: 3 rockets, but limit number of engineers
ed: 2 rockets
bliss, cb: on the fence?

Cool Box

Updated by CoolBox-SBS- almost 8 years ago

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We are going for 2 for now. our long term aim is to get down to 1. But a bit at a time, eh....

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