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Loading Hint System

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Target version:0.4 Estimated time:2.00 hours
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Randomly display a 'hint' string on the splash screen during the loading state. These hints should cover many aspects of gameplay that might not be immediately apparent to new players. The hints could also be displayed on the briefing/debriefing screen, ensuring they would get a little bit more 'face time', though they would need to compete with other elements for player attention.

examples: (not all will be used)
Retreating units that make it back to their deploy zone will refit, and be available again after a delay.
You can teamswitch to any unit under your command by hitting 'T', and then F1-F12.
The time to capture a flag depends on the relative infantry or vehicle strength within a sector.
If you capture a sector linked to an enemy deploy zone, they will no longer be able to deploy there.
A sector will only change sides once all flags are captured.
Only players with a sufficient rank may choose certain units, such as commanders or forward observers.
Armored vehicles can have their engines and main gun disabled. A repair truck will repair this damage.
Surviving units score your side points at the end of the battle.
The final score is composed of player scores, victory points for sectors, and points for surviving units.
You can select a unit that has not reached the battle zone yet. Handy for choosing Attack Helicopters before other players do.
Platoons take a varying period of time to reach the battle area. If you run out of available units, you will have to wait for a reinforcing platoon.
You can only capture sectors linked to one you currently own. Green arrows point the way to capturable sectors!
If you are killed in battle, you will respawn as a member of your current group.
The battle ends when the time limit is reached, one side captures all enemy sectors, or one side's force strength drops below their retreat threshold.
Close Assault was designed as a loose combination of the wargame Close Combat with the objective-based WWII FPS Red Orchestra.
Close Assault 2 is under development for Arma 2!
You must stand within 20 meters of a sector flag to capture it, while outnumbering the enemy near the flag.
You can retreat from the battle by pressing 0-0-0 on your squad radio.
You will automatically retreat if you stray outside the mission boundaries for too long.
To create your own Close Assault mission, you only need to edit the scenario text file and the map itself. No code!
Enemy vehicles are locked, and cannot be entered.
Certain vehicles are limited to your player type; only pilots can use helicopters, and only crewmen can operate armored vehicles.
Your forces are limited; Every unit that is KIA stays dead, and you must reenter the battle as a new unit from the chain of command.


Updated by TheCaptain almost 8 years ago

Above hints are now displayed on the lower left loading screen. Loading screen duration increased slightly (+2 seconds) to allow more time to read the hint.

Updated by TheCaptain almost 8 years ago

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