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Deploy improvements

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Transmit selected deploy position to other clients while players are selecting a DZ.

Possible: deploy timer affects when a player can complete deployment (using confirm button), instead of when he can initiate deployment. This would force time to select a deploy zone instead of encouraging players to select one quickly and join the fighting, and allow rudimentary coordination of deploy zone between players who are waiting for the same wave (via players, say, not selecting a position on top of another player).

(Requires time to be synchronized properly between clients #4520)


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Updated by TheCaptain over 7 years ago

Only DZ's should be in the list, so players don't have to select one initially (which can be confusing), just select a position to deploy in. (one step process over a two step process).

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When DZ selection is first opened, if there is a DZ in the list, it defaults to the first entry.

Not sure about making the timer affect when players 'confirm' their dz selection, as right now it seems enough to limit them to when the click deploy button. Since confirm only un-greys when a correct DZ is chosen, that provides feedback that their choice was correct. If the button was greyed due to a timer, it might be more confusing to players that they also need to select a DZ position.

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