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Weapons falling out of hands

Added by tpM almost 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Since BIS fixed the AI-weapondrop-crash in A2, I tought it would be a good idea to make weapons randomly fall out of soldiers hands when they being hit in the arm/caught by a flashbang/dead. It could be implemented in the wound system.

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Updated by rocko almost 8 years ago

I would say still in WW2, yes. Nowadays weapons are carried with a sling, just to prevent loosing it.

Depicting weapon loss for players is a pain in the ass regarding the animation system and its drawbacks.

Updated by th3flyboy almost 8 years ago

How about adding a variable to determine if the weapon has a sling or not. It makes sense to set it so that for instance a pistol can be shot out of someone's hand, however a slinged gun would have the ability to just be un-equipped when it would normally be shot out of hand. Set the sling to a config entry, and then any weapon that has a sling can have a config entry saying it has it, and would just be un-equipped rather than dropped.

Updated by rocko almost 8 years ago

Why not assume all weapons have a sling?

Updated by Evil_Echo almost 8 years ago

Slings are common, but not always used when they are more grief than benefit. Some take the sling off when moving through terrain where you might get hung up easily.

A flashbang is going to disorientate you, not send your kit flying. It rarely would cause a person to drop something.

Either you have the weapon slung on your back ( no drop ), held normally ( no benefit from sling ), or using sling to steady ( can't drop ). We don't explicitly model sling-steady so the matter is irrelevant.

If a round hits your weapon, a sling is not going to do much to help you in retaining it either. Either the weapon will be damaged or destroyed by the hit, the weapon will fly off if normally held, or you'll get a broken bone from it being yanked out of your hands and the sling then yanking on you. In any case, the odds of weapon being hit is extremely small.

So think this idea is yet another non-starter.

Updated by rocko over 7 years ago

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