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Player Radio

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Target version:0.4 Estimated time:6.00 hours
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Add player radio commands to allow communication with other players.

These commands are activated via local triggers in the player's radio menu.

Alpha - Enemy Infantry [@Map Click]
Bravo - Enemy Armor [@Map Click]
Charlie - Enemy Helicopters [@Map Click]
Delta - Request Artillery [@Map Click]
Echo - Request Airstrike [@Map Click]
Foxtrot - Request Reinforcements [@Map Click]
Golf - Reply - Roger
Hotel - Reply - Negative
India - Retreat [pop up window]
Juliet - Request Assistance [@Current Location]

Many commands would require a map click afterwards (backspace to cancel). The retreat command will initiate a retreat after 'yes' is clicked in the popup dialog. This will complement the existing 'retreat' option in the esc-menu.

Radio command is sent to server, where a command is disbursed to clients (using fCommandFromServer) to display the text and create a local marker, and make a note of which player was the originator. Critically, these commands will be non-persistent (so JIP'ers will not see the markers). However, since these are one-off communications, this should be an acceptable result to save bandwidth. Each player may only make ~5 commands after which the first ones will be deleted (this job is up to the client), to prevent spamming.

Since these commands flow to the server, they will be able to interface with the future CoC and Support features, so that roger/negative, and the appropriate requests, will flow to the correct player. (Eg, a 'negative' after a waypoint order would possibly cancel the given order)


Updated by TheCaptain over 7 years ago

Commander radios should function slightly differently:

Alpha - Enemy Infantry [@Map Click]
Bravo - Enemy Armor [@Map Click]
Charlie - Enemy Helicopters [@Map Click]
Delta - Call Artillery [@Map Click]
Echo - Call Airstrike [@Map Click]
Foxtrot - Call Reinforcements [@Map Click]
Golf - Attack Objective [@Map Click]
Hotel - Defend Objective [@Map Click]
India - Retreat [pop up window]
Juliet - Set Rally Point [@Map Click]

This would expand the abilities of the platoon commanders slightly, without adding too complex of an interface. Support options for this radio are detailed in the support task, #4485. The attack, defend, and rally point commands would have a tag showing which platoon they are for. Players who are in that platoon would see the WP in a larger size.

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Complete. Players can make requests, spot targets, give orders, or call strikes over the radio. Currently all of the support hooks are 'empty' but as a whole the system works perfectly. Sound clips are played, stitched together from arma2 sounds, when radio commands received. The radio has rudimentary protection against spam, and all target marking is done with single clicks on the map.

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