Feature #4301

Integration of Combat Support

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Status:Assigned Start date:09/06/2009
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Target version:1.0 Estimated time:12.00 hours
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Integrate combat support scripts and interface;

Artillery/mortar barrages (HE, smoke, fascam), air strikes (bomb, lgb, missile, AA), resupply (ammo/weapon crates, reinforcement troops).

Support is assigned to each platoon, and only command-capable units from that platoon are able to call it in. A player in a command-capable unit can press F12 (as a toggle) to access a simple dialog or deh based interface to select a support option, a map location, and any special options (loadout, duration). Support options need to be able to be destroyed (eg, aircraft), keep track of their state (#ammo, #reinforcement soldiers, #missions remaining), and have a cooldown timer between uses.


Updated by TheCaptain over 7 years ago

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