Feature #4208

Satellite MASK creation from original OFP WRP texturing

Added by SnakeMan almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

Status:New Start date:09/01/2009
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Satellite MASK creation by hand is a huge task, Roller would be great if it would read the OFP WRP textures and paint the MASK according to those textures.

With this feature, we could do 1:1 OFP port's quite easily as there would be very little manual work for mask.


Updated by SnakeMan almost 8 years ago

As a small plea to my new feature request, first here is my cry for help to create satellite mask in BIS forums.


I have 26 VTE terrains and then CAT Afghanistan, PMC Rattler and PMC Rugen terrains which would benefit from this feature (although I'm half way done CAT Afghanistan already by freehand).

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