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Carve a hole in terrain...

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This may be way beyond feasibility for Real Virtuality 3, given the apparent difficulty of allowing RV3 to adjust the terrain layer to simulate the grass layer, but I figured I would give it a shot.

Caves, tunnels, underground bunkers, and basements feature prominently in assymmetric warfare, but implementing them in the current engine is either non-trivial, graphically flawed, or downright impossible. The only means by which any of these features can be implemented is by building them out of multiple 50-metre chunks in a crater-like portion of the terrain and then providing cover models to make it appear as though they are actually part of the terrain.

I humbly request the ability to define holes in the game engine's terrain. In these areas, the terrain would simply not be rendered or simulated in any way, and any person, vehicle, or other object which entered this hole would "fall through the world" into empty space. These holes in and of themselves are not particularly useful. However, properly situated buildings built around the hole would thus gain the ability to have portions of their models penetrating into the terrain, providing the ability to simulate all of the above features.

Caves could be simulated by cutting a hole against steep terrain. A custom model would provide the entrance way, and subsequent model chunks could be positioned to produce a cave of any size.

Tunnels could be produced by cutting holes in two separate areas, providing entranceways at each of the holes, and providing underground tunnel segments interconnecting the two.

Underground bunkers would be relatively simple: produce a hole in relatively flat terrain, then produce a staircase, silo, or other similar construction around the hole that provides a means to go down.

Basements could be accomplished by building a house directly into a hole and sizing the house correctly for the type of hole it is in, such that the house's porch and exterior walls cover the edge of the hole, while the basement and interior walls are floating inside the hole.

One critical problem with this feature would be allowing AI to understand the nature of tunnels. However, this could be alleviated -- though not eliminated outright -- by modification developers making careful use of building positions to allow AI to guide themselves inside these underground "structures".

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