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Unrealistic SMAW

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The SMAW weapon is unrealistic - see Wikipedia.
Real SMAW AT Weapon has a magazine with 5 shoot 9x51mm phosphor munition for test shoots on target which helps the specialists to test bevore shoots the grenade on their target. YOU can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhcytf0gRx4

Improvement suggestions:
- Implement phosphor rifle
- blow-out effect on the rear-end of the weapon
- slow down rocket
- correct the reload animation
- if calibration is implemented in the engine, apply it to the SMAW too

Related issues

related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #4498: Lift correction for SMAW might need tweaking Assigned 09/13/2009 06/01/2011


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Updated by sempavieh almost 8 years ago

I think it is more a feature problem then a bug, although it is very important.

The SMAW is a too good weapon atm and needs to be nerfed.

Increase Reloadtime drastically, as you can see in the Video (and in OFP2) it needs a hell longer than in ArmA2
Decrease the Damage slightly

Updated by Chaos almost 8 years ago

Sorry, i am not good in english. I think its better to correct my reports, than to have no more reports. I have really problems to put some things in the correct category. For example: there is no physics category here, so i cannot say what i have to do, when i find physics problem. So i don´t set category or i can forget it.

Really. You will reproduction for this (SMAW) issue? I don´t think that is soo heavy to go in editor, set a SMAW soldier on the terrain and test it. Really ridicolous...

Updated by Luhgnut almost 8 years ago

The video you present is supposed to be how NOT TO SHOOT A SMAW. They are supposed to be phasing out the phosphor rounds. As well as a test rifle The marine was having trouble loading the weapon. If you watch, another marine loads it for him, probably an extra spotter. It's a devastating weapon and should remain the way it is. Not super great against heavy armor, but should take out medium armor platforms the way it is in the game. Javelins on the other hand, that's a different story.

Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

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Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

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This is a feature request, more so than a bug. What you want is a phosphor rifle aside for marking the target (I suppose?).

The video is a bit funny, because (he even writes in a comment), he apparently had lots of sand in his rifle, thats why the spotter had to help him out.

Can you please add a comment how you wish the feature proposition to be exacted, since you or others certainly know better how a SMAW has to work.

Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

OTOH, as it seems the spotter rifle are supposed to be "phased out" (for some reason), as one commenter wrote - thus I guess we're a bit more modern in A2.

And if you see the explosion, in the video - and that at over 400 m - you have to admit, that the SMAW gotta be one hell of a weapon, and is rather not overpowered in A2.

Updated by Chaos almost 8 years ago

Yes, i mean the phosphor function and some others. This is the same problem like with the Javelin. The Javelin has unrealistic firing component, w/o thermalvision, top attac, control display etc.

Updated by Luhgnut almost 8 years ago

I think the SMAW in game is a pretty accurate representation in game. However the Javelin is TOTALLY incorrect, in it's firing angle. There are two modes to a javelin, a Direct attack and Top Attack. The Real life Javelin doesn't "lob" it's rocket as fired in A2. In reallife the rocket basically falls out of the tube about 10m then fires it's rocket VERY high towards the target when doing a Top attack. Probably a different bug report, or feature is required for the Jav, but as it stands it's not real-world by any means as represented in game.

Updated by shuko almost 8 years ago

Separated to #4498 as requested.

Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

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Please, I ask you all not to clutter up this request and mixing/discussing issues of Javelin. Also please do not mix bugs and feature wishes here, shuko, you should probably open another request about this.

Chaos, so it is the phosphor "and some others"? If you want to accomplish anything, I ask you to elaborate your wishes - I'm not very proficient in mind reading, and I bet the guys at BIS neither. If you wish to have something else changed, please comment it and I'll add it to the description.

Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

The Javelin request is #3720 btw.

Updated by wolfX almost 8 years ago

Fireball wrote:

Chaos, so it is the phosphor "and some others"?.

I can answer about this. The SMAW rockets will be transported in tubes and mounted on the weapon with a bayonet closure. The rocket is a little bit to fast in game and the crosshair is (in my opinion) too low for targets < 150 meters.

See here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0bFv2MiaUg

from minute 1:00
from minute 3:40
from minute 6:42

Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

My personal (not too hard) improvment favourites (which mostly correspond to yours) are:

- blow-out effects behind (potentially hurting)
- improved reload animation, which takes correspondingly longer

I think the crosshair issue will remain present until they will build in some sort of calibration mechanism for non-vehicle weapons. I've got a feature request open separately (#2901).

Updated by Dwarden almost 8 years ago

we shall also add the jamming, need to have another soldier to help resolve the jam and while installing the magazine and also for reloading all with harsh cursing voicecover ...
and this all just for firing range ...

Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

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Updated by kotov over 6 years ago

damage caused using smaw in game need to be reduced and it should take more than 2 mags space(may be 4 or 6).
Effective range is only 500m in real so may be decrease speed or ... ??

Updated by kju almost 5 years ago

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