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Firing AT weapons while prone

Added by rocko almost 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Firing AT weapons while prone should be included in next Alpha version.

I'll commit some basic config. The RTM does work fine in A2. Just the implement + some limitations should be fixed.

I'd suggest, that prone AT firing is very limited, since we dont have proper animations to use (reloading AT prone, proper getting up from prone with launcher animation, etc).

df2pronelaw.png (234.6 kB) th3flyboy, 08/27/2009 04:32


Updated by Evil_Echo almost 8 years ago

A lot of AT weapons require you to crouch or stand in order to fire.

Weapons like the javelin uses a gas generator to propel the missile out of the tube before it fires the motor to reduce risk of backblast injuries. Firing that prone would cause the missile to strike the ground.

"Hot" fire weapons like the M136, LAW, RPG-7 could be fired prone, but at serious risk of causing burns or other injuries due to backblast hitting the soldier's legs. Also the danger zone behind the soldier is greatly increased due to more of the blast sweeping up debris from the ground.

Updated by rocko almost 8 years ago

We could probably model the disadvantages for prone firing, so it does not become fav stance to shoot, but rather unpopular hence it side effects.

Updated by q1184 almost 8 years ago

At least the portable Metis will benefit from it, with the standing/crouching sway it's impossible to guide the missiles.

Updated by th3flyboy almost 8 years ago

I was just thinking of good ol delta force 2 when i read this. The idea is have the soldiers body angled so that the LAW or AT4 would not hit the solder's body with the backblast.

Updated by rocko almost 8 years ago

screens or it did not happen

Updated by Evil_Echo almost 8 years ago


These weapons are short-range ( note the effective range for 50% hit ) and it takes some moxie to fire one from anywhere you can be spotted by enemy. Players who try for long-range shots have to deal with sway. If A2 sway is excessive, that is another issue.

And pic of why you have to be darn careful firing an AT4.

Updated by th3flyboy almost 8 years ago

this is the screen

Updated by rocko almost 8 years ago

The launcher prone animation is already angled. Body - launcher form ~60 degree, or less, dunno exactly.

Updated by rocko over 7 years ago

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Updated by overlord over 7 years ago

Could going prone in the metris make you deploy the stand? like change the model to a static metris launcher?

Updated by rocko over 7 years ago

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