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_pos1 = getPosASL _pos2

Added by Mandoble almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Allow normal positions also as parameter for getPosASL, so you dont need to create an object to get the ASL position of a non ASL position. Or create a new command for this purpose (getPosASLFromPos ?)


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Updated by ruebe over 7 years ago

Yes, such a command is highly needed.

I mean, figure this: there are lots of commands (nearRoads, nearBuildings, ...), that require an object to be passed to it (to get a reference-position in 3d) OR a `position`. The latter option sounds nice, doesn't it? Well, no. Because such functions expect the passed position to be a 3d-position, obtained per getPosASL.. and of course, getPosASL needs an object to be passed to it, thus rendering the option to pass positions to such functions pretty much useless. You need an object as a reference to use these functions, no mather what and this needs to be addressed (at high priority IMHO).


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