Bug #3719

Pilots and drivers get TKs to their credit if they are carrying passengers when destroyed

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Status:Assigned Start date:08/18/2009
Priority:Normal Due date:04/28/2011
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Affected ArmA II version:1.57.76815 First affected build:
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I am using:OA only BIForumURL:
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Drivers and pilots and the like get a TeamKill to their credit for each passenger killed if their vehicle is destroyed and someone is in the vehicle besides them. This causes drivers and pilots who get blown up by RPGs or SAMs and the like to get teamkills when their vehicle blows up.

CIT_3179_1_Utes.sqm (4.2 kB) alef, 11/18/2009 20:15

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Done a little repro to advance this issue to 1.04. What I've tested is a pilot and a passenger in an flying helicopter, under enemy fire:

  • 1. The pilot fly the heli into an house, everyone died
    • pilot get friendly fire
  • 2. The pilot is killed, the heli crashes, the passenger died
    • no friendly fire (pilot died before)
  • 3. The heli is destroyed in fly
    • no friendly fire
  • 4. The heli is damaged and crashes, everyone died
    • both get friendly fire

Tested on 60141. I leave it this way for feedbacks.

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Still valid in 1.07 / OA?

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should be yes

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  • Due date changed from 12/01/2010 to 04/28/2011
  • Affected ArmA II version changed from 1.55 BETA to 1.57.76815

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