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Make bloom and motion blur seperate options

Added by Atrocious almost 8 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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First: Yes, I know the issues #1616 and #1617 which handle this topic and I know the answer is "Turning PP off disables bloom/blur".

Still, that is not the point. Turning PP off also makes the game look uglier than necessary. Also some level of motion blur would be okay to me, just not so much (It's giving me headache, really). So blur/bloom/PP as separate options with some different levels would be nice (at least as a config file option?).

PPVeryLow.jpg - Screen shot of Post Process at Very Low Setting (152.6 kB) seany, 03/08/2012 17:28

PPNormal.jpg - Screen Shot Of Post Process at Normal Setting (OTT Bloom) (142.1 kB) seany, 03/08/2012 17:28

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Updated by th3flyboy almost 8 years ago

I agree with this, I would love to be able to use bloom, however I can't stand motion blur as overdone as it is now. The motion blur is just too far overdone to be realistic, and it hampers game play. I turn PP off completely because I can't stand the motion blur. I would actually find it better if motion blur was it's own seperate option, and was toned down, while the rest of PP isn't controlled the same as motion blur.

Updated by oktane almost 8 years ago

Yes, BIS's new shaders rock! The motion blur needs a separate toggle though, with it on I get ill. Even if you didn't change the interface for it, as the OP said, a config line would be great!

Updated by zGuba almost 8 years ago

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Updated by GregDude almost 8 years ago

My LCD monitor has enough motion blur built in without adding more!

Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

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Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

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Updated by mr.g-c over 7 years ago

Yes, my Brothers and me like the Post-Processing effects very much - all of them but not the blooming/glowing of everything so extremely.
In my Opinion there should be a option on how "much" glowing/blooming the game has, so a Option should be a drop-down Menue with Blooming able to choose from "disabled", over various steps to "full".

Updated by zGuba over 7 years ago

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Updated by Fireball over 7 years ago

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Updated by GregDude over 7 years ago

User 'oktane' demonstrates a mod that disables or reduces motion blur while preserving other post process effects:
Note that the original blur-iness increases as frame rate decreases... annoying on slower PCs or when the game slows during intense scenes.

Updated by oktane over 7 years ago

GregDude wrote:

User 'oktane' demonstrates a mod

Yes however that modification does not decrease the need for this feature request. Shaders cannot be distributed as standard addons, they are contained in a core BIS game file. (which differs for different versions/regions of the game as I understand it)

I also created a bug report about the performance of the rotBlur shader under low FPS, which I hope will be treated separately. So even if BI does not fufill this request, at least the poor performance can be rectified. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/5932

Updated by kju almost 7 years ago

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Updated by alef almost 7 years ago

Maruk at BIF

"I agree separate control would be best and yes, allowing it by changing configuration file manually will be first step in this direction, UI can be second.
Until this can be implemented (which I can not tell but there is a lot higher priority work atm), there is quite good way to customize blur level even in the current version. If you don't like it, you may obtain very good result by
lowering brigthness to 0.8
compensating for it by increasing gamma to 1.1"

So there is hope to have this implemented in the future.

Updated by oktane almost 7 years ago

Suggested INI or GUI options page (portions from Flash Thunder)
What would be best is a boolean value to enable or disable each respective post processing shader the game uses. If all cannnot be provided, at bare minimum:
  • RotBlur y/n (rotational)
  • Radial Blur y/n (sides of screen when running)
  • Glow y/n (aka Bloom, on highly reflective objects like HeliH)
  • Whichever shader activates when you are tired after running for extended period (wetdistort?) y/n
  • SSAO Low/medium/High
  • DOF y/n

Please consider an INI implementation in the short term, to address the immediate need for many people.

For reference, a list of pixel shaders in shaderDefPP (some are sub-shaders)





Thank you

Updated by Flea almost 7 years ago

The "Full screen blur effect" you get when you're tired of running needs to have an on/off option.

Updated by 50.cal over 6 years ago

yes please, this kills my eyes :)

Updated by GingerMcAle over 6 years ago

Please give us seperate options for that. When looking at the feedback from thread "ARMA 2 OA: Post Process Settings Decoded" you see most people are not happy with the blur:

Almost everybody will have his post processing option set to disabled, very low or low because of this full screen blur that makes the game look consolized (like small resulotion being upscaled = blury = loss of details).

What for you made high detail models, textures and nice effects like bloom or SSAO if almost no one is using it because of the blur that the higher post processing options come with?

Is it to much work to give us the possiblity to turn it off?

Updated by mr.g-c almost 6 years ago

Its one of the most voted for features, still its not assigned to anybody, furthermore even the BIS Head Maruk confirmed that it would be the best to have that.

Updated by Dwarden almost 6 years ago

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don't put hopes high yet it's on my 'fight for' list for long time ;)

Updated by oktane over 5 years ago

Devs: It's been 3 years guys!

TL;DR please add shader control variables for shaders in arma2.cfg similar to how the new shader additions are controlled.

Lately many options for shaders have been added to arma2.cfg, similar to as was suggested 2+ years ago by many people, in top voted tickets and forum threads, to address the individual blur and bloom shaders. The complaints started as soon as the game came out and added the smear when you turn feature. It was addressed by top devs a few times but nothing was ever done about it, a whole expansion later, new game almost out, still here we are.

The only thing that was done once was the addition of a 'very low' PP gui setting, which didn't address the issue, since most enjoy the higher shaders. Very low turns most of them off.

You don't have to make GUI options, anything is better than nothing. Hell we the community can make a little graphic tweaker app for the cfg if one doesn't already exist. But PLEASE, the level of shader control is far too course, and remains so after many requests. The RV engines current shader loading programming is not ideal for community shader modifications either. (config.bin required)

Edit: It goes without saying that ADDING complete GUI options, as most other modern AAA games have by default, may be beneficial to your sales/reputation/whatever. We sure don't want anything to be half rate, and I do this because I care. (when bloodpressure is reasonable) If few buy or keep playing the new game, hardcore fans suffer, as they have nobody to play with. I can hack shaders out to suit my desires, but regular folk will not usually put up with design flaws. :/

Thank you! (?)

Updated by seany over 5 years ago

I love almost all PP in every game, but the Bloom in Arma2 and Arrowhead does my head in. The glowing ground and sand etc is getting very old. I don't see a reason why we can't have a Bloom control in the .cfg that has at an "Off", "Medium" and "Full" option for Bloom amount. "Full" being the current level.

I have Included 2 Example Screens shots of Bloom On and Off. The screen with Bloom on has absolutely no basis in reality. I mean, an enemy could be literally hiding on the road in the cover of Bloom it is so out of control. To get a proper look at the road I would have to move the "camera" about to temporarily cause the bloom exposure to ease. Or turn PP to Very Low. It is just frustrating and happens all over Arrowheads' terrain. But...Bloom is actually a nice effect (as are the other PP affects you have to loose if you put PP to a setting where Bloom is off). We just need it at a manageable level or give us more control over it...Please!

Another thing I noticed:
Things that are bright/white obviously are more susceptible to blooming. Makes me ask, why is there such high contrast on the roads etc? They are almost white, when you add bloom it just goes crazily out of control. This is probably making bloom seem worse too.

Updated by bigpickle almost 5 years ago

Definitely hoping for a change here, PP features need separate options.

Updated by kju almost 5 years ago

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