Bug #3655

Kegetys spectator script does not work

Added by solrac42 almost 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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In the magic list the spectator option activates Kegetys spectator script, but it does not work properly in ArmA 2, no units appear in the drop down menu for the user to switch to, and the full map cannot select any units showing on the map either.

Contact Kegety and see if he can update his spectator script to work in ArmA 2.


Updated by ViperMaul almost 8 years ago

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Updated by ViperMaul almost 8 years ago

We will get it fixed for you.

Updated by ViperMaul almost 8 years ago

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Fixed in next release.

Updated by solrac42 almost 8 years ago

The Kegetys Spectator script for ArmA 2 is mostly working now but the icons for the units do not show up on the map or in the target list.
If you click near where you know there are units, then it will switch to them and spectate as normal.

The 1st person camera mode seems to stay locked and you can't select another camera mode after it, but when you do select 1st person camera mode the markers for that unit or group will then show up on the map, but not in the target list.

Civilian units markers never show up even when using 1st person camera mode, West, East, and Resistance markers show up when selected but all other groups then disappear again, only the currently selected unit or group markers show up when selected.

Updated by ViperMaul over 7 years ago

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