Feature #3467

Support UKF unit mods, and man empty vehicles with soldiers of same unit template.

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Target version:Planner 0.96
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TO&E to support UKF with StalkerGB's light infantry units, UKF Team's Jackal and perhaps a few Lynxes.
Main problem is that the Jackal by default is populated by the BLUFOR SoldierW or Crew, and not by a matching British soldier.
The work around is to define as PA unit a combination of an empty Jackal and 3 british soldiers, and issue a scripted command for the units to get in. Wrt scripting, a 2nd problem is that the Jackal has a 2nd turret which isn't configured as a CPCommander proxy, so you cannot direct soldiers to mount the Jackal properly with a orderGetIn command (assignAsGunner only works for the first turret, and assignAsCommander doesn't work due to proxy choices). Instead, a MoveInTurret [_v, [1]] is required. I've solved this before for an older planner (to use the TheSun's Defender 110).


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