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AI shouldn't avoid running animals over when at risk

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AI stops its car/truck/tank, if there is an animal in its path.
It tries to evade it or "waits" (driving back and forth without success).
No matter the size of the animal - small ones like rabbits, or big ones like cows.
No matter the behavior of the AI - even in combat or danger mode it puts the life of the animal above anything.

  1. When a vehicle gets near, the animal should flee/get away from the road/driving path of the incoming vehicles.
  2. At least for small animals, the AI should just continue their way - even if it means to run them over.
  3. At least in combat/danger mode and in being in a tank one could consider to have AI to move on even for large animals no matter what.
  1. Load attached mission in the editor with CO
  2. Start and watch the AI having huge problems driving along the path
  3. One can remove animals with radio trigger to continue
  4. Replace the AI car with waypoint with the other types present (bicycle, motorbike, truck, APC, tank) and repeat

Sample videos

This is almost a funny one as it is not very serious.
But I saw my EAZ make a big loop around two tiny rabbits that were on the road.
This behaviour leads to longer transports.

Maybe the AI should just consider driving over it as long as it doesn't hurt the vehicle ?

z: animals ideal for ambush http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJyocJ_lSMc

AnimalsSlowDown.utes.7z (3.2 kB) kju, 07/16/2012 14:50

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Updated by th3flyboy almost 8 years ago

I can see running over smaller animals in a combat situation, however things like cows you will want to break for IRL, so you shouldn't see people running over a cow in a UAZ.
Please implement this with a config option in the animals which defines what the animals size is considered to be, a small animal would be run over, a medium animal might be run over depending on the situation, and a large animal would be stopped for. By default it may set to small, however I would want to see BIS set up their animal's configs accordingly.

Updated by zGuba almost 8 years ago

Some fine AI tweaks concerning obstacle mass vs driver state (suppressed, combat behaviour) could probably fix this.

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most likely intended behaviour for road driving AI vehicles ...
yet there is another issue with AI getting break by the stop

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJyocJ_lSMc nice video showing the issue

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Updated by awalrave over 7 years ago

I tried build 60091
Humvee still tries to avoid collision with rabbits.
I guess nothing changed on that aspect

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Updated by neokika over 5 years ago


And why should an AI driver kill/slaughter/run over any animal they find on the road instead of doing what they do now (try to not run them over)?
Only a person completely mad and that has no love for life would do such thing!
Although, if a vehicle driver is in Combat behaviour and engaging/being engaged they should not care about any type of life, human included!

I would reject this ticket without even giving to much thought about it, because it makes no sense to make AI behave like that.


Updated by ruebe over 5 years ago

Well, you could attack this problem from the opposite direction: instead of having mad drivers killing poor animals, you could make animals more aware of driving vehicles, so that animals will flee earlier, away from the vehicle/road.

Updated by neokika over 5 years ago

Yes, this would probably be the solution to the problem.


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