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More bombs, more missiles

Added by rocko almost 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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For the EASA module it would be desired to get some new weapons.

Especially bombs and missiles. Of course for both sides.

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Updated by Evil_Echo almost 8 years ago

Napalm, cluster munitions, flares ( not parachute ), fuel-air, tac-nuke.

Updated by th3flyboy almost 8 years ago

I can think of a few, including things such as illumination round launcher in aircraft, gun pods, Sensor Fused Weapons, and of course, JDAMs (preset targets only, unless advanced MFD usage can be implemented, then implement the JDAM programming into an MFD.)

Updated by rocko almost 8 years ago

For a start, some models and configs would be enough. ;)

Updated by Hboybowen over 7 years ago

is there a list of them wanted or should request be made?

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Updated by CarlGustaffa over 7 years ago

More FFAR warheads please. Illumination and smoke in particular. I have no idea how flechettes could or should be modelled ingame. Even old BAS for Arma1 had these, but for ACE1 all I ever saw was placeholders :)

Updated by Vigilante over 7 years ago

I have still a started TMD project for Arma1 that i want to port some time. Tactical Munitions Dispenser is the base 'cluster bomb(shell)' for various types of submunitions. For example CEM or SFW, both are modeled and configged already, even some animations where done on it like bursting of the dispenser (with fx) via linear cutting charges.
So far only procedural textures and still in A1. But the M93 is soon finished(ded) enough to continue in my tasklist one line further down ;)

Biggest problem is still lag when +200 bomblets impact in a few seconds timespan ... not to mention if two CBU where dropped.. especially over MP .. but i believe thats, at least, compensateable.
I also want to add there a new set of particle (textures) to be able to replicate the depictive look of exploding CEM submunitions. (in RL they look totally different than any of those 'fire&smoke' explosion particles we have ingame)

Also there are some (animated) petal and ballute retarded MK80s, even some JDAM models but i dont like these, they are made to 'rough' .. but for bombs you hardly see long enough its ok ... but for proxy/mounting/display purposes my models are too rough still ..

Check my YouTube videos for the 'bömbs'

Ah, i had once a italian modeler at hand who made really beautyful textures for bombs and missiles, especially the eastern ones where the best textures i ever saw for east side ordnance ingame... maybe i can 're-activate' him ...

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