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Magic heals

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I hate to report this, but I logged out with about 8k health and broken bones (from a door frame mishap, no less), and when I came back about 40 minutes later, no broken bone and full health.

I had crawled about looking for morphine for about 45 minutes, so I did not log out just after my injury.

I guess this can be a double report, but surely you already know that certain types of clipping cause bone breakage. In my case, I was next to a doorframe. The building was a little higher than the ground. I rotated and hit that little stone lip and CRUNCH. I'm guessing this is an arms engine thing, thOugh.


Updated by Disgraced almost 5 years ago

The next time I connected, my broken bone was still gone, but my health had returned to it's wounded value, no longer 12K

Updated by thygrrr almost 5 years ago

I've witnessed random heals on my character occasionally. Usually heals up to 12k.

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