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Game extremely bugged with multiple bugs since patch 1.7.1 and up. [detailed problem discription]

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My game got extremely bugged since patch 1.7.1 forcing me to play 1.7.0 or NOT play at all sadly..

When did this problem first start to ocur?
Since the 1.7.1 patch

What are the problems?

1 I am invisible if u go 3rd person screen u cant see ur self walking u are totaly 100% invisible.

2 The hud on the top right side of ur screen that displays ZOMBIE COUNT/ BLOOD/ KILLS/ HEADSHOTS/ MURDERS is no longer visible.

3 No hearing or seeying bars on the EYE / EAR icon on the right side of ur screen. RUNNING wont raise the bars.
This probably is the case because we are INVISIBLE.!!

4 Not being able to use any item in iventory u cant/eat/drink/usemorphine/painkillers and so on.

5 Not being able to die. I srsly jumped off barns jumped of cliffs nothing wil kill u totaly nothing.

6 Respawn bug
As Soon i click respawn i wil die. But after 4 secs i get auto respawned in an unknown empty hills world where u can see all players of the server
standing as statues. And when u click some man voice says something that sounds like "EIGHT EIGHT" and u see lots of corpses and stuff.
Its like ur in some kinda ghost world outside of the map.


7 Data gets ressetted after reconnecting.
When i reconnect after i tried to respawn kill my self. I am at the exact same spot where i was the first time before i killed my self.
Regardless of the stuff i picked up the distance i walked i wil be at the exact same spot i was before i respawned.

8 Continues green command spam in the chatbox on the lower left corner of my screen.

Things i tried to do to fix this problem.
I have multiple times deinstalled and reinstalled the patches back to 1.7.0 to 1.7.1 to 1.7.2 3 4
all dint help so far i dint try .5 but seeying the patch notes i cant imagine that theres anything new fixing my problem.
As soon i instal patch 1.7.0 the game works perfectly fine again and theres nothing wrong any more.

how did u patch?
I patched manualy
I patched using worom website software
I patched using the six update

I basicly patched in all ways possible but non of them prevented me from getting the same problem again.

Tried to delete and create a new character on the players profile but that doesnt help aswel.


I am getting pretty sad that regardless of the patches u guys released lately this problem stil persists.
I have seen more people complaining having a similar or the same issue so happy im not the only 1 with this problem.
Nevertheless i made my own thread seeying the other threads arent as detailed as mine and not sum up the full scale of problems.
I hope this thread wil give u devs a bit more info about the problem allot of people are having since the 1.7.1 patch :S
I hope there wil be a solution soon to this because i really wanne play and be part of the fun with the new updates and patches.



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@Fhom - With all due respect, this is a bug reporting site, not a get-your-post-count-up site. Either post something productive, or not at all.

@Icewing - Have you installed the latest version of the ArmaII OA Beta patch? I believe its 93965 as of this writing.

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droopyeyeballs wrote:

@Fhom - With all due respect, this is a bug reporting site, not a get-your-post-count-up site. Either post something productive, or not at all.

@Icewing - Have you installed the latest version of the ArmaII OA Beta patch? I believe its 93965 as of this writing.

@Droopyeyeballs : That's my point, a bug reporting site used by people who have no clue how to write a bug report properly and not clog the database and the developers' time with useless information.

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@Icewing The image in point 8 is that your own screenshot? I just wanted to know for clarification since that screenshot quite clearly shows a bandit skin which was taken out pre 1.7.x. Try what droopyeyeballs said and make sure you have the latest OA beta patch since all the latest version of DayZ do require them.

As for point 6 (the respawning/spawning in the "debug forest") that problem will be fixed once 1.7.2 is released after/during this weekend.

Point 2/3 what is your game and interface resolution set to? MAKE SURE they're the same otherwise your interface will look completely over-sized and potentially may just disappear from your screen.

Updated by icewing almost 5 years ago

Okay guys sorry for the late update but i had some things to do.

So i managed to find a way to BE ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME.

I patched the beta 93825 and up as soon they come out but that doesnt work.


if i start the game up with the six launcher/updater.

But as soon i use steam to start my client it bugs and it just DOESNT SEEM to recognise the beta patch i just installed.

So for now i fixed my problem by playing the game ONLY OVER six launcher...

But as soon i use steam i cant play wich is totaly weird..

But yea if this works out for me im happy

Thank you all for ur help i leave it to this.

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