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Civilian vehicle threat identification

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I originally posted this in the Arma 2 issue tracker but it occurs to me that it might be a better idea to add the feature in ACE2 if at all possible:


'I believe that AI should have to get close enough to a commandeered civilian vehicle in order to identify the driver (and/or passengers) as a threat before opening fire. As it stands now, it's impossible to be "stealthy" by driving nondescript civilian vehicles near hostile AI or using civilian helicopters for passive observation as the AI will automatically (and impossibly) know that an enemy unit is controlling the vehicle.

The same should probably also apply to stolen "enemy" vehicles.'

From ACE issue #3311

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As I recall, a lot of civilians got shot up when they failed to slow/stop at a checkpoint in Iraq. Typical policy in such situation is "Unless you can positively ID it, assume it's hostile". And that is precisely for the reason the OP mentioned - enemy forces using civilian or captured equipment.

You also tend to get a lot of fraticide when a friend fires a captured weapon, especially at night time. The sound of an AK is distinct, but a Marine is not going to be sure who owns that weapon - so he fires at the location. And you end up with a ex-dumb team member who forgot one of the major rules of combat - no one is omniscient.
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This is a problem that could be addressed, but there are difficulties with how the AI perceives vehicles. That is the vehicle always assumes the identity of the commanding unit that is mounted.

Here is another bug report that covers this problem in Arma II #2363

In OFP, it was possible to spoof Sides. If the crew were killed while turned out, it was possible to mount the vehicle, and still have leave its original side as long as at least one of the original crew remained inside. In Arma, a captured unit would be targeted if he alone mounted a vehicle, ie his captured status was lost upon entering the vehicle, and the vehicle was then considered an enemy.

If the current ownership bug is sorted out, then there might be a possible workaround for this feature. We will see what 1.03 brings in this regard.


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I support this, it would also assist in creating scenarios such as checkpoints on roads with insurgents trying to sneak by or attack. This would allow for much more tense situations.

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