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Additional (not increase current) zed "reaction to shot" range that only triggers investigation.

Added by stickyJedi about 5 years ago.

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1: Zed should have much increased gunshot detection range in (two levels) and immedately start moving to that location either to investigate or be on full aggro depending on the range from gunshot.
Meaning: Keep current range and add one more.

2: Zed should have pre sensitivity to player movement speed, visibility and sound levels.

3: Zed should do current or higher levels of damage. In other words be really nasty.

Elaboration on point 1:

The current range at which the zed aggro on a gunshot should be kept as is or even increased. But a further range should also be added at which zed dont aggro but just go to investigate.
[EDIT] Silenced weapons could make zed come and investigate if they are close enough, maybe.

Example situations and reasoning:
Aggro level 2 = Current aggro (fully aware running snarling trying to kill the player)
Aggro level 1 = Investigate (Drawn to sound, investigates)

Situation 1 - PVE:

A new player spawns, and goes exploring for a weapon. He finds a gun and is shortly thereafter discovered and aggroed by zed because of some poor stealth choices. He uses his Makarov to dispatch the aggroed zed.
As soon as he fires his weapon zed aggro at level 2 precisely as it is right now, but zed from further out (200 - 300 m? Basically the zero on most long weapons) have also been alerted and are now converging on that location on aggro level 1.
The player knows he can’t stay at this location and has to move fast, he knows that he has to use stealth to not aggro approaching zed to level 2.

A shot rings out from another direction all zed that hear it Go to either level 1 or 2 depending on range, maybe some of the zed approaching the player to investigate have now been diverted in another direction.

Situation 2 - PVP:

Player/Bandit is perched in a sniper position, overlooking a popular loot location. He spots a likely victim looting or standing still and fires his weapon. What would now happen is that, Immediately, Zed from all around (200 - 300 m? Basically the zero on most long weapons) start moving in on his position.
Sniper knows he has to leave his position or run the risk of aggroing zed. If he wants to player kill and do it safely he has to increase his range at the cost of accuracy.

Discussion and inspiration:

The inspiration is from the book World War Z. In the book, if a shot was fired or a zed aggroed at all, it would start loudly moaning, alerting al zed in a looong range. This would basically create a train of zed potentially miles long converging on one location.

I propose but a fraction of this, which should be possible with current existing game features.

This would ensure that no one would player kill without seriously considering the consequences if his actions. Am i in a building with only one exit? How many zed are around town? Can i get out quickly enough? Can i be stealthy getting out? Is it worth killing this player for his stuff or the thrill? Maybe coexistence if more beneficial, after all i can always follow him to the woods and maybe get him there.
This would truly make the towns and built up areas the domain of the Zed, where players need to coexist, and the wilderness would become the no rules areas.

I also think it would enable emergent game play tactics like diversions, intentionally alerting zedz to a specific location and other interesting mechanics.

dualrange.jpg - Suggestion on how to balance Zed aggro and pvp by adding additioinal shot detection range. (116 kB) stickyJedi, 06/20/2012 15:15

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