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Revive - Defibrillator

Added by LostS77 about 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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OK I am not sure if this is even possible due to it probably is a ArmA 2 mechanic... but thought I would throw it out there.

In RL we have defibrillator's... Is there anyway to say put in a 1 or 2 minute counter if you die say from a gun shot (not from infected), and a friend is near they can shock you and bandage you to get you back up to say 100 blood or something. Now this would only work if the wound is NOT a head shot and/or NOT an infection attack.

Just an idea... I know I have been in some fire fights with bandits and other type of survivor and have gone down and would have loved it if a friend could have revived me, but alas no go and had to start all over.


Updated by Gaidoon about 5 years ago

I think this would be a good feature though a little more drawn out and complicated.

Updated by Karneval about 5 years ago

Support this kinda tool, been in my mind forever as well.

Updated by Beginner about 5 years ago

I think defibs must be extreme rare. Even more rare then NVGs and thermo guns. And ofc item ID's must be implement first to prevent duping.

Updated by daimyo21 about 5 years ago

Agree with OP, I think a longer downed time is needed. Maybe X amount of minutes based on severity of wounds. If player is shot more, the timer is decreased. Because some firefights can last very long periods of time. Also make it take a while to revive, not just instant.

Updated by Havocfive almost 5 years ago

Defibs are used to reorganize the rhythm the heart, not to restart it. In trauma and shock, the heart stops because there is not enough blood. Using a defib in that situation would be like trying to start a car with no gas. However, one could spike the downed player with epi (gets the heart shaking like jello), shock them (attempt to reset cardiac rhythm [x% chance of cardioversion]), and then transfuse them. Of course, this may seem like quite the undertaking in combat, but to me it seems more realistic. Otherwise epi could be used for a time after the player goes down, but they remain unconscious and still need to be bandaged or transfused.

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